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With Update 1.6, you get a bunch of new features, improvements, and challenges. You can find all of these in our Honkai Star Rail Update 1.6 Complete Guide!

Update 1.6 in Honkai: Star Rail is packed with exciting features and improvements, promising a thrilling experience for players. From new characters and banners to quality-of-life enhancements, this update has something for everyone.

Honkai Star Rail Update 1.6 Complete Guide

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Visual Fixes: The update addresses visual bugs with the Argenti, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.
  • Skill and Attack Pattern Improvements: Auto-battle enthusiasts will appreciate the tweaks made to skills and attack patterns.

Memory of Chaos (MOC) Enhancements

  • Quick Unlock Feature: A game-changer for MOC enthusiasts, the Quick Unlock feature allows players to unlock all previous stages based on the last stage cleared, saving valuable time.
  • New Stages: Two new stages have been added, offering increased Stellar Jades rewards from 600 to 720.
  • Jade Feather Currency: Introducing Jade Feather, a new currency exchangeable at the Forgotten Hall shop, Jokes Come True, accessible after achieving a total of 21 stars or more.

New Gamemode: Pure Fiction

  • Permanent Content: Pure Fiction, a new gamemode, becomes a permanent addition. This mode, similar to MOC, focuses on a monster rush where continuous waves spawn for players to gain points.
  • Rewards: Players can earn 720 Stellar Jades and Jade Feather, the new currency.

Simulated Universe Worlds Expansion

  • New Universes: Simulated Universe Gold and Gears have been added, unlockable by clearing Simulated Universe World 5.
  • Erudition Path: Simulated Universe introduces a new path called Erudition, offering additional challenges.

Battlepass Revamp

  • Today’s Missions Removed: The Battlepass undergoes a revamp with the removal of the Today’s Missions section. Players can now complete the entire week’s missions at their convenience.

New Event: Critter Pick (Conventional Memoir)

  • Pet System: The Critter Pick event introduces pets to Honkai. After completing the Trailblazer Mission, “When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine,” players can create adorable critters by mixing and matching different breeds.