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Unlock and master all House Flipper 2 tools for a top-notch house-flipping experience. From cleaning to advanced renovations, follow these steps for tool mastery.

Discover how to unlock and access all the tools in House Flipper 2 to elevate your house-flipping experience. From basic cleaning to advanced renovations, follow these steps to acquire and master every tool at your disposal.

How to Get All Tools

1. Flipper Tool & Cleaning

  • These basic tools are automatically available when you start working on your first job from the email.
  • No additional steps are required; they are part of your initial toolkit.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

  • Unlock the Vacuum Cleaner by completing the “Out with the Old!” quest for Emma Baker.
  • As you progress through jobs and quests, this tool becomes accessible, featuring a long neck for precise cleaning.

3. Wallpaper Tool

  • Undertake the “New Walls, New Me” quest assigned by Mark Pescini after completing initial missions.
  • This quest unlocks the Wallpaper Tool, enabling you to install wallpapers and tiles for your clients.

4. Painting and Wiring Tools

  • Jane Ouattara’s quest, “Adding a Cafe to My Bookshop,” grants access to Painting tools.
  • Subsequently, you will have these tools permanently, enhancing your ability to add charm and character to houses.

5. Demolishing Tools

  • Progress in the game and establish your enterprise.
  • Complete David Hoffman’s quest, “A Floor Plan to Change,” to unlock Demolishing and Building tools.
  • Now, you can purchase, renovate, and sell houses with advanced tools.

6. Perks Upgrade

  • Enhance the efficiency of your tools by upgrading them on the Perks page.
  • Explore perks that allow your tools to work faster and make your renovation tasks easier.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You’ve unlocked all the essential tools in House Flipper 2. Whether you’re cleaning, painting, or demolishing, your toolkit is now complete. Utilize these tools strategically and consider upgrading them for a more efficient house-flipping experience.