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Are you thinking about "How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge"? Check out our new event guide in Clash of Clans to defeat all the opponents you encounter!

Our short “how-to” article will feature Clash of Clans ‘How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge’, one of Supercell’s legendary games. Clash of Clans, celebrating its 11th anniversary, introduced the first challenge event of the season. Before launching your attack on the base, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis. Your current troop combination lacks the necessary strength to instill confidence for success. Fortunately, the base itself provides crucial information with numbers marked on its wall designs, guiding our approach. This guide aims to simplify the strategy for easy three-star victories.

How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge

To begin, set your Grand Warden to ground mode, enabling the Warden Walk tactic. In the top right corner, deploy the Warden first, followed by four Healers. This order ensures the successful application of the recall spell on the Warden, Unicorn, and Healers. Deploying all five Healers initially would render the spell ineffective.

Let the troops target and eliminate the right side of the base. Once cleared, use the recall spell to initiate the attack from the bottom side, focusing on neutralizing the three X-Bow clusters. During this phase, activate the rage on the Warden and introduce one more Healer, now that the recall spell is no longer a concern. Additionally, deploy a Balloon to trigger any nearby mines near the huts.

Next, concentrate on the center of the base using the Battle Blimp. Launch it from the middle of both previously destroyed sides, guiding it straight into the heart of the base. Once the Blimp is down, apply invisibility spells on the Super Archers, allowing them to efficiently tackle the central sector. Ensure a four-second interval between each spell deployment.

Meanwhile, the Warden should have reached the Clan Castle area at the bottom side. Deploy the Poison spell there, neutralizing any threats effectively. Move on to the Inferno Towers and utilize a Giant and Skeleton Spell to distract their single-target attacks, enabling the Warden to clear them out. If necessary, use the Freeze spell to disable an Inferno Tower if it locks on.

Save one Freeze spell for the final Wizard Tower and Monolith defenses, where you can combine it with an Earthquake spell for an easy three-star victory. However, keep in mind the time constraint, which might be a limiting factor. Exercise caution while proceeding.

By adhering to this guide and executing the steps meticulously, you can be confident in securing a triumphant three-star result.

How to get 3 Star Clashiversary Challenge in Clash of Clans

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