How to Beat Fullbringer Clones Boss Quest Fast in Peroxide

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Check out our guide on How to Beat Fullbringer Clones Boss Quest Fast in Peroxide. Grab the best build and smash the boss!

Unlocking your Fullbring abilities in Peroxide is a thrilling journey, but facing the Fullbringer Clones Boss can be a tough nut to crack. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered with a strategy to breeze through this challenging quest. Let’s dive into the details

How to Beat Fullbringer Clones Boss Quest Fast in Peroxide

Optimize Your Stats

The key to victory lies in your stats. Ensure your combat and support stats are finely tuned for this encounter. We recommend the following configuration:

  • Strength: 30
  • Vitality: 55
  • Spirit: 10
  • Reiatsu: 30
  • Agility: 30

With a balance of 30 strength and 55 vitality, you’ll be able to withstand attacks while dishing out significant damage.

Choose the Right Skill Card

Equip yourself with a skill card that triggers an air combo, and Cyclone is an excellent choice for this purpose. Don’t forget to have at least one Evasive skill card in your arsenal.

Mission Strategy

Visit Aura Michibane in the Headquarters and pick up a mission to take down a group of red-eyed Hollows. Unknown to many, activating your Fullbring requires three minutes of survival rather than defeating the boss.

Surviving the Swarm

While survival is the goal, facing too many clones can be overwhelming. Swiftly eliminate them using your enhanced stats and skills. The key is to strike a balance between survival and offense.

Combat Tactics

During the battle, you might notice a slight reduction in damage output with the recommended build. However, the increased durability allows you to tank more hits. Use this advantage to your benefit.

  • Infinite Combo: Strive for an infinite combo to maximize damage.
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Utilize your evasive skills strategically.
  • Air Combos: Execute air combos for added effectiveness against the boss.

By following these steps, you’ll conquer the Fullbringer Clones Boss quest effortlessly. Remember, your success hinges on the right stats, a well-chosen skill card, and a balanced approach to offense and defense. If you have any queries or need further clarification, drop a comment below.