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Discover how to overcome the formidable Jester Puppet in Lies of P, a challenge for many players. Let's proceed with our detailed guide.

In this article, we will explain in detail what you need to use and do to defeat the powerful enemy Jester Puppet in Lies of P, a challenge for many players. Let’s move on to our article.

Lies of P Jester Puppet

How to Beat Jester Puppet

1. Understanding Jester Puppet’s Attacks

  • The Jester Puppet wields two weapons, using them aggressively.
  • Quick, repeated strikes can overwhelm players.
  • Each hit can cause Break buildup, leading to instant death when the gauge fills.
  • Avoid running away; the Puppet will use a grabbing attack.
  • Watch out for its charging and jumping attack, dealing substantial damage.
  • Memorize patterns to anticipate its moves.

2. Manage The Inventory

  • Optimize your build and inventory for a successful fight.
  • Consider the Strength class for the best results.
  • Recommended weapons: Big Pipe Wrench head, Electrical Stick Head, Great Sword of Fate, Booster Grave.
  • Throwing objects like Throwing cells and Electrical Blitz Cannister can be effective.
  • Legion Arms and Amulets: Puppet String, Fulminis, Conquering, Nameless Ones, Arm of God Amulets.

3. Choosing the Right Weapon and Gear

  • Use a weapon that inflicts electric status or equip Electric Grindstone or Electric Blitz.
  • Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet enhances damage output.
  • Alternatively, players can dodge attacks until monsters behind steel bars break out, aiding in reducing Jester Puppet’s HP.

4. Play Passive

  • The Jester Puppet won’t rush; wait for it to attack.
  • Learn the attack pattern for an advantage.
  • Stack electrical damage and use the best melee weapon.

5. Dodge and Attack

  • Dodge attacks and counter when the opportunity arises.
  • Use walls as cover and throwables from a distance.
  • Employ fire and radiant abilities if available.
  • Guard against shots to avoid sudden HP drops.

6. Optimal Strategy for Victory

  • Dodge attacks and utilize weapons that inflict electric status.
  • Equip Electric Grindstone, Electric Blitz, or Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet.
  • Utilize monsters behind steel bars to chip away at Jester Puppet’s HP.
  • Once weakened, continue attacking and dodging to secure victory.

Armed with these strategies and equipment recommendations, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the challenging Jester Puppet in Lies of P. Follow these steps, adapt to its attacks, and emerge victorious in the Lorenzini Arcade. Good luck, and may your journey in Lies of P be triumphant!