How to Build Combined Classes in Soul Knight Prequel

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Now, take a look at How to Build Combined Classes in Soul Knight Prequel. Learn about the strongest class combinations in the game and become unbeatable!

In this guide, we explained How to Build Combined Classes in Soul Knight Prequel. In Soul Knight Prequel, in addition to the Basic Class you initially choose to strengthen your character, you have the chance to select a Secondary Class. These are referred to as Prestige Classes or Combined Classes, allowing you to balance the weaknesses or enhance the strengths of your Basic Class. The Combined Classes you can choose are determined based on your chosen Basic and Secondary Classes. For example, if you choose the Warrior class, you can select a Secondary Class from Aegis, Pyromancer, and Thief. Upon reaching level 8, you unlock your Prestige or Combined Class, formed from the combination of your Basic and Secondary Classes. This guide aims to assist players in understanding all Combined Classes and making informed choices.

How to Build Combined Classes in Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel, like many RPGs, employs a class system that significantly impacts your character’s abilities. The key feature is the Combined Classes, also known as Prestige Classes, which result from a combination of your Basic Class and Secondary Class.

Basics of Class Selection

  1. Choosing Your Basic Class:
    • Select a Basic Class at the game’s start, influencing your character’s primary playstyle.
  2. Unlocking Secondary Classes:
    • At level 5, you gain access to three Secondary Classes based on your chosen Basic Class.

Unlocking the Prestige Class

  1. Reaching Level 8:
    • Upon hitting level 8, you unlock your Prestige Class, the Combined Class formed from your Basic and Secondary Classes.

All Combined Classes

  1. Available Combined Classes:
    • There are a total of nine Combined Classes initially, with three more unlocked by obtaining the Animancer class.
    • List of Combined Classes:
      • Assassin (Warrior + Thief)
      • Warliege (Warrior + Aegis)
      • Ranger (Archer + Thief)
      • Stormblade (Thief + Tempest Mage)
      • Bastion (Aegis + Archer)
      • Artillerist (Archer + Pyromancer)
      • Pyroknight (Warrior + Pyromancer)
      • Stormwarden (Aegis + Tempest Mage)
      • Elementalist (Pyromancer + Tempest Mage)
      • Heretic (Pyromancer + Animancer)
      • Shinobi (Thief + Animancer)
      • Soul Keeper (Aegis + Animancer)

Choosing the Best Combined Class

  1. Factors to Consider:
    • Playstyle:
      • Some classes cover weaknesses without necessarily enhancing strengths.
      • Others combine attributes to create powerful characters.
    • Examples:
      • Warliege: Balances Aegis’s defense with Warrior’s offense.
      • Elementalist: Harnesses the magical prowess of Pyromancer and Tempest Mage.
    • Player Preference:
      • Decide if you prefer an overpowered class or one that compensates for weaknesses.


  1. Final Thoughts:
    • Understanding each Combined Class’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial in making an informed choice. Tailor your selection to match your desired playstyle and strategy.

Additional Tips

  1. Experimentation:
    • Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations to find what suits your preferences.
  2. Community Insights:
    • Explore forums or discussions for player insights on specific Combined Classes.