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Discover Stardew Valley's lobster secrets! Follow our guide to catch, use, and maximize the value of lobsters with simple steps.

Unlock the secrets of lobsters and crab pots in Stardew Valley with this simple guide. Follow these steps to catch lobsters, use them wisely, and make the most of their value

How to Catch a Lobster in Stardew Walley

1. How to Unlock Crab Pots:

  • Obtain the crab pot recipe at Fishing level 3.
  • Crafting cost: 40 wood, 3 iron bars (25 wood, 2 copper bars with Trapper profession).

2. Placing and Baiting Crab Pots:

  • Place crab pots in water tiles adjacent to walkable spaces.
  • Add basic bait (Luremaster profession excludes bait requirement).
  • Wait one day for results; special bait types offer no extra benefits.

3. Lobster Catching Odds:

  • 38% chance of catching trash, including green algae and seaweed.
  • Lobsters have a 4% chance and can only be caught in saltwater.
Lobster in Stardew Walley

4. How to Improve Odds:

  • Obtain the Mariner profession at Fishing level 10 to avoid junk items.
  • Mariner profession ensures equal odds for all shellfish, increasing lobster chances to around 14%.

5. Alternative Methods:

  • Use Traveling Cart: Randomly sells lobsters for 360g to 1,000g.
  • Statue of Endless Fortune: Produces a lobster on Fall 5 (Elliott’s birthday) if purchased for 1 million in the casino.

How to Use Lobsters:

  • Complete Gus’s “Wanted: Lobster” quest on Fall 6 of Year 2 for a heart and 500g reward.
  • Start a lobster fish pond for aged lobster roe, selling for 180g, and various other items.
  • Lobster needed for Lobster Bisque recipe (learn from The Queen of Sauce on Winter 14, Year 2, or reach 9 hearts with Willy).
  • Counts as fish for recipes like Maki Rolls and Sashimi.
  • Use a lobster (or any saltwater shellfish) in the sewing machine to craft a unique lobster sailor shirt.