How to Defeat Red & Blue Bosses in Black Clover M

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Ready to conquer Red and Blue Nightmare Guild Bosses? Our guide offers effective strategies and specific character combos for an easy victory!

Ready to defeat the challenging Red and Blue Nightmare Difficulty Guild Bosses? This guide provides simple yet effective strategies, offering specific character combinations to breeze through these tough battles.

How to Defeat Red & Blue Bosses in Black Clover M

Blue Boss Battle

  • More flexible lineup compared to Red Boss.
  • Strategize with a team of supporters and a green attacker.
  • Ideal Team:
    • Rades: Stack magic ATK for enhanced defense.
    • Rhya: Strong DPS with a buff-dependent boost.
    • Sally: Equipped with her signature skill page for essential buffs.
    • Gauche: Buff Rhya with additional effects.


  • Buff Rhya heavily at the beginning.
  • Use Rhya’s Special Skill for massive damage.
  • Utilize Rades’ barrier for team protection.
  • Continue attacking until the boss is defeated.

Red Boss Battle

  • Immune to status ailments; prevents team buffs.
  • Possibility of bonus mobility when damaged.
  • Ideal Team:
    • Julius: Use the Pride of the Wizard King skill page.
    • Lotus: Build with high speed.
    • Mars: Maximize tankiness.
    • Nebra: Requires Royal’s Confidence skill page for Buff Immunity.


  • Focus on debuffs to weaken the boss.
  • Open with Julius’ Skill 2 to extend debuff time.
  • Nebra’s Buff Immunity prevents boss speed-up.
  • Repeatedly debuff using Julius’ Skill 2 for an easy victory.


  • For Red Boss, focus on debuffs and prevent boss speed-ups.
  • For Blue Boss, maximize Rhya’s buffs for high damage.
  • Experiment with alternative lineup options for flexibility.
  • Consider William and Charmy for a balance of burst and survivability.

Defeating Red and Blue Nightmare Difficulty Guild Bosses is challenging but achievable with the right strategies and characters. Gear up, follow these tips, and conquer the guild bosses effortlessly!