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Farming Bones is vital in Blox Fruits for trading with Death King. Learn how to obtain Bones in this guide. Let's delve into the details.

Bones farming is crucial in Blox Fruits, as many players use them to trade with Death King, transforming bones into random items. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain Bones in Blox Fruits. Let’s dive into our article.

Blox Fruit Bones

How to Get Bones

1. Farming Haunted Castle Enemies

  • Head to Haunted Castle (Level 1,500+).
  • Beat Possessed Mummy mobs in the basement for 4-6 Bones.
  • Avoid higher-level enemies like Demonic Souls for efficient farming.
  • Use Buddha Fruit or other recommended Fighting Styles for increased attack reach.

2. Cursed Chests for Bones and XP

  • During the Ghost Event, chests randomly turn into Cursed Chests.
  • Farm chests in Haunted Castle and follow the recommended route.
  • Each Cursed Chest gives 20-30 Bones, with a chance of spawning Bone or Evil Wraiths.
  • Defeating each Wraith yields 4-8 Bones and rare chances of Bonus XP and Ghost Fruit.

3. Soul Reaper Raid Boss

  • Spawn the Level 2,100 Haunted Castle Raid Boss, Soul Reaper, using Hallow Essence.
  • Obtain Hallow Essence by praying to the Gravestone NPC or from the Death King’s Random Surprise.
  • Soul Reaper has 260,000 HP and drops 41 Bones per kill.
  • Use high-damage Fruits like Buddha, Dragon, Magma, or Dough V2 for efficient kills.

Recap – Best Methods to Farm Bones

  • Farm Haunted Castle enemies, focusing on Possessed Mummy and Demonic Soul.
  • Utilize Cursed Chests during the Ghost Event for Bones and potential XP.
  • Summon the Soul Reaper Raid Boss for guaranteed 41 Bones per kill.

Now equipped with these bone farming methods, maximize your Random Surprises with Death King in Blox Fruits!