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Explore the use of Scrap Metal in crafting weapons and swords in Blox Fruits. Learn where and how to obtain this essential material. Let's delve into the details.

Scrap Metal is a material used in the crafting of many weapons and swords in Blox Fruits. Therefore, we will discuss how and where you can obtain Scrap Metal. Let’s move on to our article.

Blox Fruit Scrap Metal

How to Get Scrap Metal

1. Enemy Sources:

  • Commonly dropped by enemies such as Pirate, Brute, Gladiator, Mercenary, Marine Captain, Lab Subordinate, Jungle Pirate, and Forest Pirate.

2. Efficient Farming Locations:

  • First Sea: Pirate Village (Level 35-45) – Drop from Pirates and Brutes.
  • Second Sea: Kingdom of Rose (Level 775) – Drop from Swan Pirates.
  • Third Sea: Turtle Island (Level 1900) – Drop from Jungle Pirates.

3. Maximizing Gains:

  • Focus on defeating enemies in the recommended locations to maximize scrap metal gains.
  • Stick to Pirate Village if you’re not yet ready for higher-level areas.

4. Weapons Requiring Scrap Metal:

  • Cursed Dual Katana – DemonicWisp x10 MiniTusk x10 Scrap Metal x60
  • Dark Dagger – DarkFragment x1 DragonScale x8 Scrap Metal x10
  • Dual-Headed Blade – FishTail x12 Scrap Metal x10
  • Hallow Scythe – DemonicWisp x8 Bones x800 Scrap Metal x25
  • Gravity Cane – Meteorite x3 Scrap Metal x10
  • Jitte – VampireFang x10 Scrap Metal x15
  • Koko – VampireFang x10 Scrap Metal x15
  • Longsword – RadioactiveMaterial x10 Scrap Metal x10
  • Midnight Blade- Ectoplasm x40 Scrap Metal x15
  • Pipe – FishTail x12 Scrap Metal x10
  • Pole (1st Form) – RadioactiveMaterial x10 Scrap Metal x20
  • Pole (2nd Form) – FishTail x15 MysticDroplet x10 Scrap Metal x12
  • Rengoku – VampireFang x8 Magma Ore x20 Scrap Metal x15
  • Saber – RadioactiveMaterial x5 Scrap Metal x10 Magma Ore x10
  • Shark Anchor – FishTail x10 MysticDroplet x5 Scrap Metal x50
  • Spikey Trident – Conjured Cocoa x8 MysticDroplet x10 Scrap Metal x25
  • Trident Scrap – Metal x20 Magma Ore x12
  • Triple Katana – Scrap Metal x15 Leather x15
  • Refined Flintlock – Scrap Metal x10 Magma Ore x10
  • Refined Musket – FishTail x15 Scrap Metal x10
  • Refined Slingshot – Scrap Metal x10 AngelWings x10
  • Serpent Bow – Meteorite x1 VampireFang x10 Scrap Metal x10

5. Importance of Scrap Metal:

  • Essential for upgrading swords and guns listed above.
  • Combine scrap metal with other materials to unlock the full potential of your weapons.

Conclusion: Now equipped with the knowledge of efficient farming locations and the weapons that benefit from scrap metal, you’re ready to enhance your arsenal in Blox Fruits. Happy farming and upgrading!