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The Shark Anchor stands as a highly coveted item among Blox Fruit players. This article will outline the steps to obtain it. Let's dive into the details.

The Shark Anchor is one of the most sought-after items for Blox Fruit players to obtain. In this article, we will discuss what you need to do to drop the Shark Anchor. Let’s move on to our topic.

Blox Fruit Shark Anchor

How to Drop Shark Anchor

1. Crafting the Monster Magnet: To embark on your journey for the Shark Anchor, start by crafting the Monster Magnet. Visit the Shark Hunter NPC and follow these steps:

  • Craft Shark Tooth Necklace: 1x Mutant Tooth, 5x Shark Tooth.
  • Craft Terror Jaw: 1x Terror Eyes, 2x Mutant Teeth, 10x Fool’s Gold, 5x Shark Tooth.
  • Unlock Monster Magnet: After crafting the first two items, unlock the Monster Magnet option.

2. Crafting the Monster Magnet: Gather the required materials to craft the Monster Magnet:

  • Monster Magnet: 2x Terror Eyes, 8x Electric Wings, 20x Fool’s Gold, 10x Shark Tooth.
  • Note: Terror Eyes are obtained by defeating Terrorshark.

3. Finding Terrorshark in Rough Sea: Navigate to Rough Sea and follow these steps:

  • Turn on Observation Haki to dodge lightning strikes.
  • Watch your compass: Grey to dark purple with ???? indicates the danger level.
  • Locate Sea Danger Level 6 in a dark purple area for Terrorshark.
  • Encounter various challenges, including the Sea Event Ghost Ship and the Leviathan.

4. Defeating Terrorshark: Once you’ve located Terrorshark, prepare for battle:

  • Use the Monster Magnet to attract the irregular beast.
  • Defeat Terrorshark for a 1% chance of obtaining the Shark Anchor.
  • Note: The Monster Magnet user has a 100% chance if the Terrorshark’s health is 195,000.

5. Conclusion: Congratulations! You’ve mastered the process of obtaining the Shark Anchor in Blox Fruits. Equip this formidable weapon and unleash its power on your foes. Happy hunting!