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Accelerate your Coral Island growth by enchanting tools. In this article, we'll unravel the Coral Island Enchant system. Let's dive into our guide.

To expand your island swiftly in Coral Island, you need to enchant your tools. In this article we’ve prepared for you, we will explain the Enchant system in Coral Island. Let’s delve into our writing.

How to Enchant Tools in Coral Island

How to Enchant a Tool

  1. Visit the Giant Village and find the Enchantment Shrine.
  2. Activate the shrine and choose your tool.
  3. Place offerings (gems, fossils, or artifacts) in the shrine.
  4. Click “Enchant Tool” for a random buff from the seven available:
    • Mighty Hit: Break debris in one hit.
    • No Energy Drain: Use tools without spending Energy.
    • Swift Swing: Faster charge/tool use speed.
    • Extra Drop: Gain more items.
    • No Water Drain: Preserve water.
    • Rare Drop: Increase rare item chances.
    • Hit Drop: Obtain items on hit.

How to Upgrade Enchantments

  1. Go to the “Upgrade” tab in the Enchantment Shrine.
  2. Use offerings to initiate the Upgrade process.
  3. Note: Upgrades demand more valuables, with costs increasing at higher levels.

Unlocking Tool Enchanting

Complete the Giant Village mission to learn tool enchantment from Grog. Afterward, visit the Giant Village, interact with the shrine, and enhance your tools.

Maximum Enchantments

Each tool can have up to three enchantments based on its quality:

  • Basic/Bronze: 1 Enchantment
  • Silver/Gold: 2 Enchantments
  • Osmium: 3 Enchantments

Explore Coral Island with enhanced tools, maximizing your buffs for efficient farming!