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Explore Magmar in Pokemon Arceus, learn the evolution process, and discover what's needed for its evolution in this informative article. Dive in now!

In this article, we will provide you with information about Magmar in Pokemon Arceus, how you can evolve Magmar, and what is needed for the evolution. Let’s dive into our writing.

Information About Magmar

Magmar Stats

ClassSpitfire Pokemon
Size4′ 03″
Weight98.1 lbs
Pokedex EntryAccording to legend, this Pokémon emerged from the depths of a volcanic crater. When injured, it rejuvenates by immersing itself in molten lava, akin to how one might find solace in a hot spring to heal the body.

How to Evolve Magmar

Evolving Magmar into Magmortar is a straightforward process in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless evolution.

Where to Catch Magmar

Magmar can be found at Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands. Keep an eye out for Magby as well. Additionally, Magmar may appear within Space-time Distortions, and Magmortar can be encountered specifically at Coronet Highlands during these distortions.

Magmar in Pokemon Arceus

Getting the Magmarizer

The essential item for Magmar’s evolution is the Magmarizer. Acquire it through one of the following methods:

  • Trading Post Purchase: Visit the Trading Post and buy a Magmarizer for 1,400 Merit Points (MP). Earn MP by finding and retrieving Lost Satchels throughout the game.
  • Space-time Distortions: Explore these distortions to find Magmarizers and other evolutionary items randomly scattered on the ground.
  • Gingko Guild Merchants: Once the Gingko Guild Merchants settle in Jubilife Village, you may purchase a Magmarizer from Glinter for 10,000p. He refers to it as a “Magma Box.”

Evolving Magmar

Once you have the Magmarizer, the evolution process is simple. Have Magmar in your party, give it the Magmarizer, and it will evolve into Magmortar. The level of Magmar does not matter; it will evolve regardless.

Evolution Line

Lv. 30



Bonus Tip

  • If you have a Magby, it evolves into Magmar at level 30.

Follow these steps to evolve Magmar into the powerful Magmortar and enhance your Pokemon journey in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!