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Explore Scyther in Pokemon Arceus, learn the evolution process, and discover what's needed for its evolution in this informative article. Dive in now!

In this article, we will provide you with information about Scyther in Pokemon Arceus, how you can evolve Scyther, and what is needed for the evolution. Let’s dive into our writing.

Information About Scyther

Scyther Stats

ClassMantis Pokemon
Type Bug, Flying
Size4′ 11″
Weight123.5 lbs
Pokedex EntryIts forearms boast large, wickedly sharp scythes, serving as truly fearsome weapons. Any attempts by prey to escape are consistently foiled by the nimble motions of this Pokémon.

How to Evolve Scyther

If you’re eager to evolve your Scyther into the powerful Kleavor & Scizor in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, follow these simple steps to make the evolution process a breeze.

Where to Catch Scyther

Scyther can be encountered in various locations, with one early spot being around The Heartwood in the southern part of the Obsidian Fieldlands. As a Bug/Flying-type Pokémon, Scyther is susceptible to Fire, Ice, Electric, and Rock-types. Keep an eye out for Mass Outbreaks, special events that provide ample opportunities to catch Scyther, including the chance to encounter an Alpha variant.

Scyther in Pokemon Arceus

Getting the Black Augurite

The key to Scyther’s evolution lies in the Black Augurite. This special item is crucial for the transformation into Kleavor. You can find Black Augurite by defeating Rock-type Pokémon, particularly Graveler. Graveler can be encountered in various conditions across all areas of Hisui, so keep your Pokémon ready for battles.

Evolving Kleavor & Scizor

Once you’ve secured a Scyther and obtained the Black Augurite, the final step is simple. Head to your Satchel, select the Black Augurite, and give it to the Scyther in your party. Watch as your Scyther evolves into the formidable Kleavor.

Evolution Line

Metal Coat

Black Augurite


Remember, timing is crucial in evolving your Pokémon, so stay alert for Mass Outbreaks and be prepared to face Rock-type Pokémon to collect Black Augurite. Follow these steps diligently, and soon you’ll have a powerful Kleavor by your side.

Happy evolving, Trainer!