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Maximize your strength in Black Clover M with our guide to the World Reputation System. Get 5+ free character dupes, enhance heroes, and reach full potential!

Unleash the power of the World Reputation System in Black Clover M with this guide. Learn how to get 5+ free character dupes and enhance your heroes for maximum strength. Dive into the World Reputation menu and conquer quests to level up, ensuring your characters reach their full potential.

How To Get 5+ Free Dupes in Black Clover M

How to Get 5+ Free Dupes

  1. Go to Adventure Journal > World Reputation.
  2. Reach level 4 to obtain the SSR Mage Piece Selection Chest.
  3. Open the chest to choose a Character Dupe for enhancement.
  4. Use Character Dupes as Enhancement Material to boost stats (HP, DEF, Damage).

Enhancement Stages and Passive Abilities

  • At certain enhancement stages (e.g., 3 or 5), characters unlock Enhanced Passives.
  • Example: Rades Spirito inflicts the Taunt effect on opponents for one turn at stage 3.
  • At stage 5, chance of Enhanced Passive is increased, making characters formidable defenders.

Leveling Up Reputation

  • Access World Reputation Menu by clicking on your Reputation EXP Bar.
  • Complete tasks for Reputation EXP; quests provide varying EXP based on difficulty.
  • Begin with lower Worlds for efficient leveling; challenges offer similar EXP across levels.

Maximizing World Reputation 2024 System

  • Reach level 4 in World Reputation to receive an SSR Mage Piece Selection Chest.
  • Complete daily quests to unlock the potential of this unique system.
  • Acquire more than 5 Character Dupes across the 6 Worlds for enhanced character strength.

Explore the World Reputation 2024 System in Black Clover M to secure 5+ free dupes and supercharge your characters. Enhance, level up, and unleash the full potential of your heroes. Don’t miss out on the daily quests to maximize the benefits of this powerful feature!