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Learn how to obtain the Remnant 2 Alumni Ring, its location, effect, and more through this article. Click now for further information!

In this short How-to guide, we will explain how to get the Alumni Ring in Remnant 2. There are 127 rings in Remnant 2, each with different attributes and abilities. You can find all the features of the Alumni ring and where to locate it in our guide below.

Remnant 2 Alumni Ring

The Alumni Ring, found within Remnant 2, functions as both a piece of jewelry and an accessory. It serves as a significant emblem representing the esteemed Noble Conservatory of Psychiatry. This ring augments the potency of all elemental attacks, bolstering their damage output by a notable 10%.

Enhances all elemental damage inflicted by 10%.

Alumni Ring Location

Located adjacent to a tombstone outside the Asylum, this item can be discovered on a grave subsequent to the triumph over The Nightweaver in Losomn. Its placement is near the Morrow Sanitarium checkpoint.

Effect of the Alumni

Amplifies all inflicted Elemental damage by 10%.