How to Get Blessed Ring in Remnant 2

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In Remnant 2, you can find how to get Blessed Ring, its location, and effects in our guide. Check it out now!

In this short How-to guide, we will explain how to get the Blessed Ring in Remnant 2. There are 127 rings in Remnant 2, each with different attributes and abilities. You can find all the features of the Blessed Ring and where to locate it in our guide below.

Remnant 2 Blessed Ring

The Blessed Ring functions as both a ring and an accessory within Remnant 2. It is created using reclaimed fragments, which give rise to an eerie, frosty aura. When a benefit is acquired from a relic, the wearer experiences a 15-second duration of Bulwark Level 2.

It’s strange how every artifact the Wanderer retrieved from Reisum exudes an unmistakable chill, as if they were still imbued with the frost of the land.

Blessed Ring Remnant 2
Remnant 2 Blessed Ring
Upon obtaining a boon from a Relic, acquire 2 stacks of BULWARK lasting for 15 seconds.

How to Get Blessed Ring?

In Remnant 2, obtaining the Blessed Ring involves a series of steps. Here’s a breakdown of how to get the Blessed Ring in the game:

  1. First, find Cass in the game. Cass is a vendor who sells various items and equipment to players. You can usually find her in Ward 13, a central hub area in the game.
  2. Travel to Ward 13 in Remnant 2 This is where you’ll find Cass and her shop.
  3. Once you’re in Ward 13, approach Cass. She is usually stationed in a designated area or near her shop.
  4. Get close to Cass and interact with her. The game will prompt you to interact, typically by pressing a specific button when you are near her.
  5. After interacting with Cass, her inventory menu will likely pop up. This menu displays the items she has available for sale.
  6. If you locate the Blessed Ring in her inventory, select it and choose the option to purchase it. The game will show you the price of the item and ask for confirmation.
  7. Open your character’s inventory menu and find the Blessed Ring. Equip it just like you would with any other accessory to activate its effects.

Blessed Ring Location

The locations where you can find the Blessed Ring are as follows:

  • Available for purchase through Cass.

Cass: Cass is a Merchant in Remnant 2. Cass is a female merchant that may sell some random items or Materials. Merchants are NPCs that provide various services to players. Players will be able to trade Items and gear such as Armor, Weapons, as well as upgrade, and craft materials.

Cass Location: Cass can be found in Ward 13.

Effect of the Blessed Ring

The effect granted by the Blessed Ring is as follows:

  • Upon obtaining a boon from a Relic, acquire 2 stacks of BULWARK lasting for 15 seconds.