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Discover the vibrant Dreamango in Eternity Isle's Wild Tangle! Find, harvest, and cook up delicious recipes with this sweet fruit guide.

Dreamango is a vibrant and sweet fruit exclusive to Eternity Isle’s Wild Tangle biome. Learn where to find these delicious fruits, how to harvest them, and discover mouthwatering recipes to make the most of Dreamango in your culinary adventures.

How to Get Dreamango

Where to Find Dreamango

Dreamango trees are located in the Wild Tangle biome, recognized by their large green foliage and distinctive pink and purple fruits. Harvest 2 Dreamangoes per hour per tree to ensure a bountiful supply.

Progression and Unlocking Areas

Unlocking Dreamango trees requires progression in the expansion’s story quests. Initially, access The Grasslands area; then, spend Mist to unlock The Grove and, later, The Lagoon for an increased availability of Dreamango trees.

  • The Grove: Unlock for 4000 Mist.
  • The Lagoon: Further exploration and 10000 Mist required.
Dreamango in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What Is Dreamango Used For?

Dreamango is a key ingredient in two cooking recipes introduced in the A Rift in Time expansion. These recipes not only tantalize your taste buds but also offer valuable energy boosts.

  • Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry
    • Ingredients: Broccoli, Dreamango, Canola, Pineapple, Poultry
    • Star-Rating: ★★★★★
    • Energy: +2350
  • Dreamango Boba Tea
    • Ingredients: Milk, Sugarcane, Dreamango
    • Star-Rating: ★★★
    • Energy: +1833

Explore, harvest, and indulge in the delectable world of Dreamango with this comprehensive guide. Happy harvesting and cooking!