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Discover the importance of Iron in My Time at Sandrock. Learn where to find and how to use it in crafting. Let's proceed with the article.

In My Time at Sandrock, Iron holds significant importance. In this article, we will show you where to find iron, used in crafting various items and equipment, and how to use it. Let’s move on to our article.

How To Get Iron Ore

How To Get Iron in My Time at Sandrock

Where to Find Iron Ore in Sandrock

Discover the prime locations for Iron Ore in Sandrock:

  1. Old World ruins around Sandrock
    • Gecko Station Ruins and Mole Mine Ruins are your go-to spots.
    • Pyrite deposits on any level of the ruins offer accessibility.
  2. Accessing the ruins
    • Repair Shonash Bridge in the main story mission “In Trusses We Trust.”
  3. Alternative: Eufaula Salvage Shop
    • Buy Iron Ore for 15 Gol.
    • Commission Rocky’s salvage company for Iron Scrap, recycled into Iron Ore.

Using Iron Ore in My Time at Sandrock

Maximize the potential of Iron Ore with crafting recipes at a Civil Furnace or higher:

  1. Steel Bar
    • Ingredients: 3x Iron Ore, 1x Graphite, 1x Dinas.
    • Use: Construction, sells for 22 Gol.
  2. Manganese Steel Bar
    • Ingredients: 3x Iron Ore, 2x Manganese Ore.
    • Use: Less common than Steel Bars, sells for 26 Gol.
  3. Chromium Steel Bar
    • Ingredients: 3x Iron Ore, 2x Chromium Ore (recipe from Commerce Guild Store).
    • Use: Crafting chromium tools at the Advanced Worktable.
  4. Magnets (Industrial Furnace)
    • Ingredients: 2x Iron Ore, 1x Nickel Ore.
    • Use: Sells for 21 Gol.
  5. Ore Refinery results
    • Quartz, Bloodstone, and Dregs.

Finding Iron Ore in Ruins and Dungeons

Unlock Paradise Lost and Gecko Station by progressing through the main quest:

  1. Unlocking Gecko Station
    • Reach the Belly of the Beast mission, starting with Pitching In and Moisture Farm Blues.
    • Defeat the Geegler President in Gecko Station Ruins.
  2. Returning to Gecko Station Ruins
    • Complete “In Trusses We Trust” to repair the broken bridge.
    • Pay 300 Gols per week to enter, 20 Gols to reset zones.
  3. Gathering Iron Ore
    • Spawn as nodes inside Gecko Station Ruins and Paradise Lost.
    • Quarry with at least a Bronze Pickhammer.
  4. Additional materials
    • Gather Graphite, Manganese, and Chromium for advanced crafting.

Navigate the intricacies of Iron Ore in Sandrock for optimal gameplay. Upgrade your tools, craft powerful items, and delve into the depths of ruins with confidence. Let the Iron Ore guide your path in My Time at Sandrock.