How to Get Loviatar’s Love Buff in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Unlock the mystique of Loviatar's Love Buff in Baldur's Gate 3 - a guide to enhancing your character's potential.

Embark on a journey within Baldur’s Gate 3 as we delve into the intricate process of acquiring the elusive Loviatar’s Love buff. Navigate the perplexing steps and choices that lead to this unique boon, enhancing your gameplay experience. Discover the secrets and strategies to unlock this empowering advantage for your character.

How to Get Loviatar’s Love Buff in BG3

Upon your initial interaction with Abdirak, he’ll invite you to partake in worshiping Loviatar, the Maiden of Pain. While he doesn’t explicitly outline the details, the context suggests the involvement of sadomasochistic elements. Be prepared for this facet of your character’s roleplaying journey. Signal your readiness and face the eastern wall.

How to Get Loviatar's Love Buff in BG3

Position yourself towards the eastern wall and anticipate Abdirak’s commencement. Following each strike, a range of dialogue options will be at your disposal.

As you turn towards the wall, Abdirak will commence striking you with a mace. Following each blow, you’ll encounter dialogue options, including checks for [Constitution], [Performance], and [Intimidation]. Class-specific options like “Bard” exist, and if irrelevant, a generic choice to express pleasure is available. An option to cease altogether exists, but avoiding it secures the Loviatar’s Love buff.

While dialogue options vary based on your character’s traits, you must choose responses that lead to screaming, crying, howling, or similar reactions. Refrain from options that involve suppressing your cries, as Abdirak will be displeased, resulting in the absence of the Loviatar’s Love buff.