How to Get Outcast Ring in Remnant 2

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In Remnant 2, you can find how to get Outcast Ring, its location, and effects in our guide. Check it out now!

In this short How-to guide, we will explain how to get the Outcast Ring in Remnant 2. There are 127 rings in Remnant 2, each with different attributes and abilities. You can find all the features of the Outcast Ring and where to locate it in our guide below.

Remnant 2 Outcast Ring

The Outcast Ring functions as both a ring and an accessory within the world of Remnant 2. It takes the form of an unadorned metal band, designed to amplify the speed at which reloading is performed. Following each instance of reloading, it bestows a progressive 5% augmentation to the reload speed, a boost that lasts for a duration of 15 seconds. This enhancement accumulates with each subsequent reload, allowing the effect to reach a maximum of 5 stacked increments.

Enhances reload speed by 5% for 15 seconds following a reload, with the ability to stack up to 5 times.

Outcast Ring Location

The Outcast Ring’s whereabouts are situated as follows:

  • It can be discovered within Losomn, subsequent to the culmination of the Man in the Sewers event. Upon presenting the Spirit Wisp Amulet to him, you shall be bestowed the Outcast Ring in return.

Losomn: serves as a distinct locale within the realm of Remnant 2. Among the array of worlds available for exploration in Remnant 2, Losomn emerges as a fusion of the Dran and Fae dimensions. Every location within Remnant 2 showcases its own exclusive terrains, events, dungeons, bosses, adversaries, and items.

Man in the Sewers: stands as a notable event within the world of Remnant 2. This event unfolds within the confines of Losomn. Events within the game present players with opportunities to acquire unique items, such as weapons or consumables, by deciphering puzzles or uncovering concealed areas. The occurrence of these events during gameplay is not guaranteed, necessitating either a fresh start or an exploration in adventure mode to potentially encounter them. Each event is intricately tied to its respective location.

Spirit Wisp: Amulet is categorized as an amulet within the realm of Remnant 2. When this amulet is worn, triggering a Mod ability yields advantageous outcomes for your Skill Cooldowns. With each expenditure of 300 Mod Power, your existing skill cooldowns experience a reduction of 3%. This mechanism fosters a heightened frequency in skill utilization, thereby elevating your prowess in combat engagements.

Effect of the Outcast Ring

The Outcast Ring imparts the subsequent impact:

  • Upon reloading, it heightens reload speed by 5% for a span of 15 seconds. This augmentation can be accumulated up to 5 times.