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Unlock the coveted Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits with our detailed, step-by-step guide. Let's dive into the article.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to obtain the sought-after Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits, a skill that many players strive to achieve. Let’s dive into our article.

How to Get Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits

There are a few steps you need to complete to get Rainbow Haki in roblox. You can complete the steps below and get your Rainbow Haki.

Reach Level 1,950

Before diving into the Rainbow Haki quest, ensure your character has reached Level 1,950. This milestone will trigger the special quest from the Horned Man, located atop the tallest tree on Floating Turtle Island.

Horned Man’s Quest

Upon interacting with the Horned Man, he will assign you the “Rainbow Savior” quest. Defeat five Blox Fruits bosses bothering him to earn the coveted Rainbow Haki. After each boss fight, return to the Horned Man for the next assignment.

Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits

Killing Stone (Level 1,550)

  • Found on Starter Island.
  • Locate Port Town and follow the Yellow path.
  • Prepare with Devil Fruits and complete quests for optimal readiness.
  • Rewards: 25k money, 60,000,000 XP.

Island Empress (Level 1,675)

  • Located on Hydra Island in the Third Sea.
  • Spawn every 30 minutes.
  • Use long-range attacks to defeat and claim the Serpent Bow.
  • Rewards: 30k money, 70,000,000 XP.

Kilo Admiral (Level 1,750)

  • Found under the Giant Tree in the Third Sea.
  • Fight from higher grounds to avoid melee attacks.
  • Earn the Lei accessory.
  • Rewards: Rainbow Aura.

Captain Elephant (Level 1,875)

  • On the Floating Turtle, near the big Mansion.
  • Use left and right spam dash movement to dodge attacks.
  • Rewards: 40k money, 90,000,000 XP.

Beautiful Pirate (Level 1,950)

  • Access by reaching Level 1,950, using portals, partnering with a “Spikey Trident” player, or using Flash Step.
  • Find under the Great Tree on Hydra Island.

Flash Step Method

  1. Locate the “Training Dummy” on Hydra Island.
  2. Use the wall behind it to Flash Step.
  3. Navigate to the box-shaped room.

Portal Method

  1. Teleport to Hydra Island using portals.
  2. Spot a brown box during the glitch.
  3. Use “Flash Step” to enter the brown square.

Embark on this challenging quest, defeat the bosses, and unleash the power of Rainbow Haki in Blox Fruits!