How to Get Ring Of Restocking in Remnant 2

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In Remnant 2, you can find how to obtain Ring Of Restocking, its location, and effects in our guide. Check it out now!

In this short How-to guide, we will explain how to get the Ring Of Restocking in Remnant 2. There are 127 rings in Remnant 2, each with different attributes and abilities. You can find all the features of the Ring Of Restocking and where to locate it in our guide below.

Remnant 2 Ring Of Restocking

The “Ring of Restocking” pulls double duty as both a ring and an accessory in Remnant 2. This nifty item amps up your reload speed by a notch if you manage to score a critical hit or hit a weak spot, and all of this action happens within a snappy 1.5-second window.

Here’s the scoop on the “Ring of Restocking” effect: Whenever you nail a Critical Hit or take down an enemy by hitting their weak spot, your reload speed gets a zippy 20% boost for the next 1.5 seconds.

Ring Of Restocking Location

If you’re on the hunt for the “Ring of Restocking,” keep your eyes peeled in the realm of N’Erud. This little gem likes to play hard to get, showing up as a random drop. So, patience and perseverance might just lead you to its doorstep.

N’Erud: is a Location in Remnant 2. N’Erud is one of the many worlds that can be explored in Remnant 2. Each Location in Remnant 2 will feature unique landscapes, Events, Dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.

Effect of the Ring Of Restocking

Here’s the scoop on what the “Ring of Restocking” brings to the table:

Whenever you nail a Critical Hit or polish off an enemy via a Weakspot Kill, your reload time gets a 20% speed boost for a swift 1.5 seconds.