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Discover how Scrolls enchant weapons in Blox Fruits. Learn to obtain and use them in this guide. Let's dive into the article.

Scrolls are a way to enchant weapons in Blox Fruits. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain Scrolls in Blox Fruits and how to use them. Let’s move on to our article.

How To Get Scrolls

Obtaining Scrolls in Blox Fruits

Before Update 20, weapon upgrades were limited, but now, Scrolls bring a new level of enhancement. Here’s how to get them:

  1. Contact the Dragon Talon Sage NPC at Tiki Outpost.
  2. Choose between buying with Robux or crafting to acquire Scrolls.

Crafting Scrolls in Blox Fruits

Crafting Scrolls involves interacting with the Dragon Talon Sage. Here are the details for each type:

  1. Common Scrolls:
    • Craft with 2 Shark Teeth and 3 Fool’s Gold.
  2. Rare Scrolls:
    • Craft with 4xShark Teeth, 5xFool’s Gold, and 2xElectric Wings.
  3. Legendary Scrolls (160 Robux for one or 800 Robux for 8 Scrolls):
    • Craft with 7xFool’s Gold, Mutant Tooth, 3xElectric Wings, and 5xLeviathan Scales.
  4. Mythical Scrolls (500 Robux for one or 1500 Robux for 3 Scrolls):
    • Craft with 20xFool’s Gold, Terror Eyes, 15xLeviathan Scales, and Leviathan Heart.

Unobtainable Scrolls

  • Blessed Scrolls – This scroll is currently unobtainable.
  • Cursed Scrolls – This scroll is currently unobtainable.

Enchanting Weapons with Scrolls in Blox Fruits

Enhance your weapons with the power of Scrolls:

  1. Equip your Sword or Gun.
  2. Talk to the Dragon Talon Sage NPC.
  3. Select the Enchant option and use the desired Scroll.

Note: Each Scroll removes previous enchantments and applies new ones randomly.

Scroll Enchantment Levels in Blox Fruits

Discover the enchantment levels based on the type of Scroll:

  1. Common Scrolls:
    • 3 enchantment levels.
  2. Rare Scrolls:
    • 5 enchantment levels.
  3. Legendary Scrolls:
    • 7 enchantment levels.
  4. Mythical Scrolls:
    • 7-9 enchantment levels.

Tips and Additional Information

  1. Upgraded weapons are eligible for Scroll enchantments.
  2. Enchantment levels can be distributed among multiple enchantments.
  3. Unique enchantments count as 1 enchantment level.
  4. Crafting 10 scrolls unlocks the next rarity/tier.
  5. Obtain crafting materials through Sea Events.

Unlock the true potential of your weapons with Blox Fruits Scrolls. Enhance, enchant, and conquer!