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The complete list of what you need to do to defeat Duriel in Diablo 2!

In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Duriel, one of the most powerful bosses in Diablo 2.

Duriel’s Attacks

  • Smite: When this attack is unleashed, it causes your character to become stunned and knocked back. Dealing with this can be quite challenging, as there are instances where the knock-back effects can be chained until you collide with an obstacle. If you’re playing a melee class, it might be more advisable to maintain proximity to a wall while engaging this opponent.
  • Charge: In addition, he possesses a Charge attack that can be utilized against players who are positioned beyond melee range.
  • Holy Freeze Aura: This aura has the power to freeze both your character and their party, impeding their movement. It’s worth noting that this aura remains unaffected by “Cannot Be Frozen” effects, cold resistance, or Thawing potions.

How to Kill

Duriel presents a formidable challenge in Diablo 2 as one of the game’s most formidable bosses. Despite his imposing size, he possesses remarkable speed and inflicts substantial damage. The encounter unfolds within a confined room, with your sole escape option being the use of a Town Portal, making this a demanding battle. Compounding the challenge is Duriel’s Holy Freeze Aura, which further complicates the fight.

Upon your first successful confrontation with Duriel, subsequent encounters may benefit from luring him into a larger chamber, affording more space to maneuver. Bringing along as many minions and your hireling as possible can serve as useful distractions, though Duriel can dispatch them swiftly. This provides a crucial window to open a Town Portal for a moment of respite. Employing cold-based attacks proves effective in slowing Duriel down, and ranged combat is advisable whenever feasible. However, if you’re playing a melee class, be prepared to engage him in close-quarters combat.

Upon your victory over Duriel, a barrier collapses, granting access to the inner chamber of Tal Rasha, allowing you to continue your exploration.



To enhance your Assassin’s effectiveness against Duriel, consider utilizing the Burst of Speed ability. While active, this skill enables Assassins to outpace Duriel and adopt a hit-and-run strategy. When combined with the Tiger Strike and Cobra Strike skills, this approach can help you sustain your character’s health. If you specialize in Traps, complement the strategy with Trap skills while keeping Burst of Speed active.


If you’re struggling to defeat Duriel with a bow-wielding Amazon, consider hiring an Act 2 defensive mercenary. Additionally, rely on Full Rejuvenation potions to maintain your hireling’s health while you engage the boss from a distance. As long as your mercenary remains alive, you can continue your ranged assault. Should your hireling fall, make a quick escape via a Town Portal and return. With a powerful bow, you should be able to vanquish Duriel using approximately five Full Rejuvenation Potions.


The Barbarian excels in melee combat, making the battle against Duriel relatively straightforward, especially with decent equipment. Ensure you have healing potions on hand and retreat to town if your health dwindles.


For those focused on the summoning skill tree, prioritize the survival of your minions and mercenary for as long as possible. While your allies divert the boss’s attention, employ a bow or your spells to engage from a distance. Wind or Fire Druids can enhance their strategy by hiring a tank-like mercenary and adopting a strategy similar to that of a Sorceress (see below).


Maintain an open Town Portal as the battle commences. As a Bonemancer, your most effective tactic is to employ Bone Prison to immobilize the boss, allowing you to safely cast other spells from a distance. If you’re a Summonmancer, strive to keep your minions alive during the battle, and if both you and your minions face dire health situations, return to town to re-summon your team.


The Paladin’s most effective strategy against Duriel involves using Zeal in conjunction with a freezing and life-leeching weapon. The Holy Freeze Aura is particularly helpful, further slowing the boss. Keep a selection of healing and mana potions at the ready on your belt.


Equip your mercenary with a formidable spear and sturdy armor, and prioritize keeping them alive with healing potions as they act as a tank. In the unfortunate event of your hireling’s demise, swiftly return to town via a Town Portal. Your most potent spell against bosses is the Static Field, which rapidly reduces their health. Note that in Nightmare difficulty, the Static Field loses effectiveness below 33% of the boss’s health and below 50% health in Hell difficulty.