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How to make pixel art in Terraria

Blocks/Walls to use

Slime blocks are the best to use, when painted can create a solid color, or slime walls can create a darker color.
For lighter shades, paint slime blocks, for darker shades, use paint roller on slime walls. This can help with different shades that appear on the map.
(Note, top row are slime walls, bottom is blocks. Not all colors are shown btw)

Best way to acquire slime blocks

The best way is to get a few slime statues and afk for a few minutes. You’ll get a whole lot, and can then be crafted into slime blocks at a solidifier.

How to color

How you color is with paint, sold by the painter. He sells a variety of different colors.
There are some paints that are craftable into darker shades, but do not appear different on the map. (Ex: 2 Pink paint crafted into 1 deep-pink paint) left is deep pink, right is normal pink. They look the same on the map.

Mentioned before, slime walls look darker on the map than slime blocks. If your making a bigger project with multiple colors, its easier to use both blocks and walls for different shades and detail.

Items to use

There are two ways you can paint blocks. One is with specter paintbrush/roller, and manually painting each block/wall.
The other is with the hand of creation (what I use). It is a great item that increases range, block placement/wall placement speed, as well as automatically paints any block placed down (can be toggled on and off) The building potion is a thing too.

You can find an image online or just use your imagination. The easiest way to find an image for something is to search up “___ pixel art grid” and it will show whatever you wanted in a grid.

It takes kind of a while to build, and can be tiring too. You have to count/look back and forth at an image. The easiest way to look back and forth is to have the image separate on a phone or different screen. Its also easier to start with outlining first.