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Everything about mods in PAYDAY 3 is just a click away. Now, take a look at our guide and start installing mods.

The topic of this short guide is How to Mod PAYDAY 3. Let’s move on to the guide.

How to Mod PAYDAY 3

You don’t need to backup any files.
If you’ve downloaded a mod, and begin to experience crashing, performance hitches, etc., you can simply delete it. If a mod is deleted but still causing issues, verify the integrity of your game files by going to PAYDAY 3’s library page, clicking on “Properties” >> “Installed Files” >> “Verify Integrity of Game Files” , and let it do it’s thing.

Quick disclaimer, if later on down PAYDAY 3’s lifespan hacked mods that alter other players’ experiences negatively are made, this guide in no way endorses nor encourages them. This guide is strictly for education purposes.

Alright heisters, let’s get some stupid ahh mods.

Step 1

Navigate to PAYDAY 3’s official library page. On the top right corner beneath the banner, there is a lil’ settings cog icon. Click on it, and click “Properties”.

Step 2

Once clicked, a lil’ window will pop up displaying PAYDAY 3’s … uh… properties. Shocker, right?

Under “General” you’ll find a text box with the words “Launch Options” plastered above it.

Type the following into that text box:


Step 3

Through the properties window on the left, navigate to “Installed Files”, and click “Browse…”.

Step 4

Once clicked, a File Explorer will open displaying PAYDAY 3’s root directory.

Click on the folder titled “PAYDAY3”.

Then “Content”.

Then “Paks”.

Step 5

Under the Paks folder, make a new folder and title it:


Step 6

Head over to your favorite mod hosting site. Preferably ModWorkshop as it’s pretty much the home for PAYDAY modding.

Here’s the official PAYDAY 3 ModWorkshop page

Once there, download any mod you’d like. 🙂

(Mod showcased below was made by Lenny and uploaded to ModWorkshop under the name of Among Us Loot Bags. Go support the mod creator!)

Step 7: FINALE

Drag the .pak file you got from wherever into the aforementioned ~mods folder, and run the game.

In Conclusion

Have fun heisters!