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Now, take a look at How to Obtain The Sleigh in Blox Fruits. Follow the steps and snag that sleigh in the easiest way possible!

If you’ve been eyeing that sleek Sleigh in Blox Fruits and wondering how to add it to your collection, you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through the process, so let’s set sail!

How to Obtain The Sleigh in Blox Fruits

Seasonal Exclusive: Christmas Event

The Sleigh is not an everyday find—it’s a festive delight available exclusively during the Christmas event in Blox Fruits. Keep your eyes peeled for this limited-time opportunity, or be prepared to wait for the holiday season.

No Quests, Just Candies

The good news? You won’t be embarking on a quest of epic proportions. To acquire the Sleigh, you just need candies. It’s like a Christmas treat for your in-game self.

Santa Claws: Your Go-To Dealer

Meet Santa Claws, the NPC dealer of the Sleigh. Find him hanging out near the Boat Dealers at the North Pole. He’s the guy with the festive inventory.

The Candy Currency

Before you get too excited, remember, candies are the currency of choice here. Earn these limited-time goodies during the Christmas events. Defeat enemies and bosses, but remember, they need to be within 100 levels of your own.

Trade Time

Once you’ve gathered enough candies, strike a deal with Santa Claws. He’s into “LIMITED TIME special items,” and guess what’s on that list? The Sleigh, of course. The price tag? A cool 1,000 candies.

Alternative Route: Money Talks

Got a gamepass burning a hole in your digital pocket? Head over to the Luxury Boat Dealer and part with 5,000 Money to grab the Sleigh. It’s the express route if you’re into the VIP experience.

Sleigh Features and Warnings

Congratulations, you’ve got the Sleigh! But before you hit the waves, here’s the lowdown. It’s the third-fastest boat in the game, agile enough to dodge attacks. Three seats mean friends can join, but beware—it’s not the tankiest vessel, with only 1,000 health. No cannons, so steer clear of those sea battles.