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Unlock The Tomb's potential, a prime grinding spot in Shadovia. Follow steps to get the Tomb Key for crafting valuable items like the Anubis Greatsword.

Unlock the potential of The Tomb, one of the best grinding spots in Shadovia. Follow these simple steps to obtain the Tomb Key and access valuable materials for crafting, including the coveted Anubis Greatsword.

How To Obtain The Tomb Key

Steps to Get the Tomb Key:

  1. Head to the Desert:
    • Visit the desert in Shadovia, aiming for the Desert Spawn Point. Talk to Carrot in the desert tavern to unlock the spawn point.
  2. Locate The Viser NPC:
    • Find The Viser NPC, situated to the right side of Karim, the Noble.
    • Engage with The Viser, and he will provide the Tomb Key after completing a few quests for the nearby village.
  3. Complete Quests for Karim:
    • Karim, the Noble, is near The Viser, easily identifiable by the palace.
    • Talk to Karim and accept the quests he offers, which will be displayed on the right side of your screen.
  4. Continue Questing:
    • Progress through the quests from Karim, establishing yourself as a trusted figure in the village.
  5. Talk to Karim’s Adviser:
    • Upon completing enough quests for Karim, he will direct you to his adviser in the adjacent room.
  6. Receive the Tomb Key:
    • The adviser will express gratitude by granting you the Keys to the Tomb.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You now possess the Tomb Key in Shadovia. Explore The Tomb to gather valuable materials for crafting, including the powerful Anubis Greatsword. Embark on your journey with enhanced capabilities and new possibilities.