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Navigate "Minding Your Own Business" quest in Hogwarts Legacy with our step-by-step guide. Let's dive into the article!

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to complete the “Minding Your Own Business” quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s move on to our article.

How to Own A Shop

1. Speak with Penny to Begin

  • Locate Penny the House-Elf outside the vacant shop in Hogsmeade.
  • Ensure you are Level 18 or higher to trigger the “Minding Your Own Business” quest.
Hogwarts Legacy Penny

2. Speak with Cassandra

  • Penny directs you to Cassandra Mason, the current shop owner.
  • Cassandra offers to sell the shop for 1,500 Galleons, highlighting the need for renovation.
Hogwarts Legacy Cassandra

3. Clean the Shop

  • Use Reparo to tidy up the shop’s disarray.
  • Unlock the chest mentioned by Cassandra to access the depths beneath the shop.
Hogwarts Legacy Clean the Shop

4. Explore What Lies Below

  • Navigate the Atrium and Library sections beneath the shop.
  • Tackle challenges and puzzles, exploring each branch as you wish.
Hogwarts Legacy Lies Below

5. Entertain Fastidio

  • Dodge Fastidio’s attacks to progress in the quest.
  • Explore the Atrium and face off against Fastidio again.
Hogwarts Legacy Fastidio

6. Defeat Fastidio’s Monster and Cassandra Mason

  • Engage in two boss fights to overcome obstacles to your shop ownership.
  • Use offensive spells, blocking, and dodging to defeat Fastidio’s Monster.
  • Defeat Cassandra Mason by staying on the offensive, using Protego strategically.
Hogwarts Legacy Cassandra

7. Get Your Own Shop

  • With Cassandra defeated, the shop is now yours.
  • Give your shop a name and start selling goods to turn a tidy profit.
Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business

Now, immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy as the proud owner of your own enchanting shop! May your wizarding business thrive!