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Learn how to remove bullet marks in CS:GO with a simple console command. Clear distractions and improve visibility for better gameplay!

In CS:GO, due to bullet marks, you may lose sight of your opponent, and these marks can also decrease your FPS. In this short “how to” guide, we will show you how to automatically remove bullet marks in CS:GO with just one button. Let’s get started!

How to Remove Bullet Marks in CS:GO

Now, apply the CS:GO console command we will provide below. Professional players often use this command with the SHIFT key. Even if you unintentionally walk slowly, bullet and blood tracers will be automatically removed!

Clear Decals How to Work in CSGO?

This bind is straightforward. By using the “r_cleardecals” command, you can remove all decals, including blood and bullet holes, from the map. The “bind shift” part of the command instructs the game to associate “r_cleardecals” with the shift key, allowing you to clear decals by simply pressing the shift key.

CSGO Clear Decals Bind Shift

bind shift "r_cleardecals"

CSGO Bind Shift Clear Decals and Walk

In the end, the most practical and widely used approach is to bind that command to the walk key, which is usually SHIFT by default. To achieve this, use the following command

bind “shift” “+speed; r_cleardecals”

Automatically Clear Decals While Moving in CSGO

With this command, your WASD keys will be bound to the “clear decals” action, ensuring that decals are automatically removed every time you move your character.

bind w "+forward;r_cleardecals";bind a "+moveleft;r_cleardecals";bind s "+back;r_cleardecals";bind d "+moveright;r_cleardecals"

How to Apply Binds in CS:GO

There are two methods to apply binds in CS:GO: through the console and via an autoexec file. For most users, using the console is the preferred way, so we recommend this method. Below are steps for both approaches:

Applying Binds with Console Commands:

  1. Copy your desired binds by clicking the copy button on the binds generator.
  2. Launch CS:GO and open the console by pressing ~ or ` on your keyboard. If the console doesn’t open, you may need to enable it; refer to a guide for help.
  3. Once the console is open, paste your copied binds by pressing CTRL + V (or ⌘ + V on Mac).
  4. Press ENTER, and your binds will now be active in the game.

Applying Binds with Autoexec: Autoexec is useful if you have multiple CS:GO accounts, play on different computers, or have settings that may interfere with your binds.

  1. Download or copy the desired binds from the binds generator using the Download or Copy button.
  2. Locate your CS:GO config folder. You can do this by opening Steam, clicking Library, right-clicking “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” selecting Properties, then clicking “Local Files” and “Browse…”.
  3. Inside the opened folder, navigate to the csgo folder and then the cfg folder.
  4. If you already have an autoexec file: a. Open the autoexec file using a text editor (usually double-clicking it works). b. Paste your copied binds anywhere in the file, but not at the very bottom (above the line “host_writeconfig”). c. Save the file to apply your new binds.If you don’t have an autoexec file: a. Right-click inside the cfg folder, click New, then Text Document. b. Name the text document anything (name doesn’t matter), and open it with a text editor like Notepad. c. Paste your binds into the new file. d. Add “host_writeconfig” on a new line at the bottom of the file (spelled correctly and on its own line). e. Click File > Save As…, choose “All Files (.)” for “Save as type,” and name the file “autoexec.cfg” (all lowercase). f. Save the file.
  5. In Steam Library, right-click “Counter-Strike Global Offensive” > “Properties.”
  6. In the “General” tab, under Launch Options, add “+exec autoexec.cfg”.
  7. You’re done! Launch CS:GO (restart if it’s already running), and your binds will be ready to use.

Remember to add “+exec autoexec.cfg” to the launch options on any other accounts you want to share your autoexec with.