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How to Sell Survey Data in Starfield

How to Sell Survey Data in Starfield

To be able to sell your survey data in Starfield you need to have collected 100% of the data on a planet. This means scanning all of the plants, wildlife, resources and points of interest (such as geographical features) that the planet has on offer.

You can check how many types of data you’ve got left to collect when you’re using your scanner when on the planet’s surface. When you open up the scanner, a small box will appear on the left of your screen that shows you how many types of each thing there are and how many you’ve already found.

Remember, you need to have scanned 100% of a specimen for it to count towards your planet’s overall 100% researched stat.

To check how much more scanning you have to do before you reach 100%, enter your star map and hover over the planet. The panel to the left of the screen will tell you what resources you have left to discover and the percentage of the planet that you’ve already surveyed.

Now, once you have collected 100% of the data on a planet it will be labelled as ‘Surveyed’ in your Star Map.

Sell to Vladimir on The Eye

The first way you can sell your survey data in Starfield, and the one we recommend, is to visit Vladimir on The Eye. This is next to Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. To access it, you will need to have completed The Old Neighbourhood story mission and started Into The Unknown to get into The Eye for the first time.

Vladimir pays a higher amount of Credits for any data you hand over than if you sold it to a Trade Authority.

When you speak to Vladimir, select the conversational option ‘I’ve got some Survey Data for you’, and you will then be taken to an inventory menu that displays all of your sellable survey data.

If the option to sell survey data doesn’t appear the first time you speak to Vladimir, let the conversation finish, walk away and then speak to them again.

In this menu, simply select the data you want to sell and hand it over to Vladimir for Credits.

Sell to the Trade Authority

If you want to, you can also sell your survey data to the Trade Authority in the same way you would do to sell any items in your inventory to them. So far, we’ve found Trade Authority kiosks and posts in New Atlantis (Jemison) and Cydonia (Mars).

If you do want to sell your data to a Trade Authority, you can find your survey data for a planet sitting in your ‘notes’ section in your inventory.