How To Solo Defeat Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes

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Check out our guide on How To Solo Defeat Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes now. Defeating Neopoltitan can be really challenging, but with this guide, you'll breeze through it!

Tired of getting a chilly reception from Neopoltitan? Well, fret not! This guide’s got your back, and you won’t even need your gaming buddies to help you out. Let’s dive into the strategies to make this frozen foe melt away.

How To Solo Defeat Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes

Understanding Neopoltitan

Neopoltitan’s got some serious health points, but lucky for us, he’s not winning any sprint races. Watch out for his ice cubes though – they’ll freeze your towers faster than you can say “Sherbert.”

Recommended Loadout

For a solo victory, try the Spectre and Balloon Pal combo. Alternatively, strong ranged units like Stella can get the job done.

Step-by-Step Breakdown:

  1. Early Game (Waves 1-4): Start with 3 level 1 Farms. Follow up by placing 2 level 1 Wizards. By wave four, ensure you have 4 Wizards at Level 2.
  2. Mid-Game (Waves 5-15): Focus on upgrading your cats. You’ll need 4 upgraded cats before introducing a max-level Scientist by wave 15. This setup will carry you through the initial waves.
  3. Late Mid-Game (Waves 15-17): By wave 15, aim for 2 max level farms, 2 more Level 4 Farms, and 1 Balloon Pal. Hold off on upgrading your cats beyond wave 17.
  4. End Game (Waves 18-24): Your goal now is to have 4 max level Scientists, 1 max level Balloon Pal, and a max Spectre. This powerhouse setup should see you through until wave 24.
  5. Wave 25 and Beyond: If you brave the waves beyond 24, deploy the remaining max Scientists and Wizards. Keep at least 10,000 in the bank for a Spectre Boost.
  6. Critical Moment: Trigger the Spectre Boost when all your units can hit Neopoltitan. If your Scientists and Wizards aren’t landing blows, sell them off and rely on the Balloon Pal’s special ability.