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How to Talk in Unturned? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place. Now, in just a few steps, you can enable voice chat in Unturned and start talking right away.

One of the frequently asked questions lately is “How to Talk in Unturned?” In this short Unturned guide, we will show you how to communicate in the game, specifically how to enable voice chat. After a few quick steps, you’ll be able to start talking in Unturned as well. Let’s get into the guide!

How to Talk in Unturned

When you have a microphone connected to your device and Voice Chat enabled in your settings, you can communicate verbally with other nearby players in the game. By default, you can use the Left Alt key to activate Voice Chat.

If you possess a Walkie Talkie, you can communicate with other players who also have Walkie Talkies across the entire map. Additionally, anyone equipped with an Earpiece can listen to those using a Walkie Talkie but won’t be able to respond back.

How do Walkie Talkies Work in Unturned?

To initiate communication using the walkie talkie, simply press “Ctrl.” However, keep in mind that other members in your group can only hear you if they are either holding a walkie talkie themselves or if they have an earpiece equipped.

How to Speak on Unturned Playstation?

To enable in-game voice chat, ensure that your microphone is not muted and start speaking. Make sure you are not in a voice party or any other communication channel. You’ll know you’re speaking when you see the voice chat icon appear in the bottom left corner while talking. However, it’s worth noting that in-game voice chat on the console edition, especially on Xbox, can be quite unreliable and prone to issues.

How to Text Chat in Unturned?

To access Text Chat, press Enter by default. There are three types of Text Chat: World Chat, Area Chat, and Group Chat.

World Chat allows anyone on the server to see your message. Area Chat limits visibility to only those players who are close to you. Group Chat restricts the message visibility to only players in your selected group.