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If you're having trouble unlinking your PSN account, we can help you solve the issue with our guide. Take a look!

We’ve received notifications from dozens of players struggling to remove their PSN accounts. After corresponding with Genshin Impact authorities via email, we’ve decided to present the ultimate solution to you. Let’s check out our guide on How To Unlink PSN Account In Genshin Impact!

How To Unlink PSN Account In Genshin Impact

Ever got tangled up in the PSN account web while playing Genshin Impact on your PlayStation? Fret not, as we’ve got the guide to untangle that mess and set you on the right path.

When diving into the magical world of Genshin Impact on your PlayStation for the first time, you’re faced with the choice of creating a fresh account using PSN or opting for an existing HoYoverse account. Here’s the catch: if you don’t link your HoYoverse account to PSN, end up connecting the wrong account, or choose the wrong server, the cross-save feature becomes a no-go.

Now, many players blissfully skip through this crucial process, blissfully unaware of the consequences. Later, when they decide to jump platforms, they find their progress missing in action, tied down to the PlayStation.

To break free from this dilemma and unlock the cross-save feature, you need to sever ties with your PSN account, bind it to the HoYoverse account cradling your Genshin Impact progress, and kick off the game on the server where your progress resides.

Our guide is here to walk you through this intricate dance, covering the steps needed to part ways with your PSN account, all while addressing the burning questions you might have.

In the enchanting realm of Genshin Impact, detaching your PSN account is a bit like sending a break-up email to the support team at [email protected]. Put ‘PSN Account Unlink Request’ in the subject, share a quick snippet about why you’re parting ways, and hit send.

Hold tight until you receive an automated response, complete with a link to a doc asking for details like:

  • PSN Account ID
  • Genshin Impact UID
  • Adventure Rank
  • Purchase Details

Fill in the blanks, submit the form, and give it a week or so. The Genshin Impact customer service will work their magic and uncouple your PSN account from your HoYoverse account.

What If Genshin Impact Support Team Ghosts You?

Now, the plot twist: what if you don’t get a response from the Genshin Impact support team after sending in the form? It’s a common woe. First off, check the email address you’re using – some players mistakenly send it to the old address with “” Fix that, and if patience is not your strongest suit, feel free to shoot them multiple emails for a faster reply.