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Now, take a look at How to Unlock Songs in Fortnite Festival, follow the steps, and enjoy the new songs!

In this article, we explained How to Unlock Songs in Fortnite Festival. Now, by following the steps, you’ll own more songs! If you’re ready, let’s get started!

How to Unlock Songs in Fortnite Festival

In Fortnite Festival, where the stage is set for rhythmic triumphs, players can elevate their musical experience by unlocking a diverse array of songs. Much like the electrifying encore at a live concert, adding new tracks to your setlist ensures the beats stay fresh and the excitement never wanes. Here’s your guide on how to unlock more songs and keep the Fortnite Festival vibe alive.

Earning Your Musical Stripes: The Festival Pass

To access a crescendo of new tracks, players need to tune into the Festival Pass, akin to the backstage pass of the Fortnite Festival universe. Festival Points, earned by completing sets on the Main Stage and tackling Fortnite Festival quests, are the golden tickets unlocking the melody vault.

The unlocked tracks won’t immediately hit the Main Stage. Players patiently await the daily refresh, anticipating if their newly acquired tunes have made it to the roster. For Season One, a trio of premium tracks beckons players from the premium Festival Pass, available for 1,800 V-Bucks. As the seasons march on, expect the symphony of available tracks to swell, both in the base setlist and as bonuses through the Festival Pass.

How to Play Jam Tracks?

Venturing beyond the Main Stage, players can amplify their musical prowess in battle royale or Fortnite Festival Jam Stage mode. The Jam Tracks, selected from the emoticon wheel, transform players into a virtual rock band. Up to three fellow gamers can join the ensemble, wielding their instruments to create a harmonious cacophony.

While Jam Tracks inject vigor into the Fortnite Festival experience, there’s a catch—they’re off-limits in LEGO Fortnite. Presumably, the absence is due to yet-to-be-created animations for each instrument.

Quests and Jams

Daily quests at the Jam Stage offer a rhythm-packed opportunity to earn Festival Points. Launch into the Jam Stage, strumming or drumming alongside others for up to 30 minutes, and watch the points amplify. In battle royale mode, Jam Tracks present a whimsical diversion, although caution is advised—unwilling participants might see it as an invitation to an unexpected finale.

Unlocking songs in Fortnite Festival isn’t just about expanding your playlist; it’s about enriching the musical journey, one beat at a time. So, grab that Festival Pass, hit the Main Stage, and let the rhythm of Fortnite Festival resonate with your gaming soul!