How to unlock the 30 FPS limit in Mortal Kombat 1

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Take a look at our guide on how to unlock the 30 FPS limit in Mortal Kombat 1, and you'll be able to remove the FPS limit instantly!

In this guide of ours, the topic is How to unlock the 30 FPS limit in Mortal Kombat 1. Apply the steps right away and break free from the limits!

How to unlock the 30 FPS limit in Mortal Kombat 1


Hello there! Welcome to my guide ;p

You probably noticed that in some areas of the game, like the menus, cinematics, towers, or the most noticeable one: the Invasions mode, have a 30 fps limit. Why is this? Well, it’s just NRS being funny.

Note: If you want to know whether you’ll get banned, read the last section of this guide, it’ll clear all your questions.

 Downloading the mod

The mod that allows this is MK160FPSUnlock by ermaccer. This is an open source project from a trusted modder that made various famous mods for previous games.

Official download (Github)

Ermaccer’s Github repository is the only official source of download. For safety, do not download from any other sources.

Installing the mod

Now that you have the zip downloaded, let’s install it!

First, let’s go to the installation folder, to do so, go to the game’s properties and click on “browse” at the installed files category.

Now, we will go to the take the Binaries folder, and then to Win64. If you see in that folder the game’s executable, then you’re there. Now let’s grab the dll in the zip we downloaded and put it in that folder

 Enjoy the uncapped framerate!

Yes, that’s it! Now you can open the game and enjoy the uncapped menus. It feels really good after playing for hours at 30 fps.

Now you may ask, can I go further? 144 fps? 165? 240? Well, at the moment, no. But we’ll see in the future if it’s possible. 30 to 60 is still a huge difference!

Multiplayer Information. Is it safe?

This is modding the game, which means this is done at your own risk.

From ermaccer’s words, the mod should not ban you if you use it in multiplayer, although it is untested. He said that Mortal Kombat 1 does not have a banning system and the most similar thing is a 24-hour block when trying to crack DLCs you don’t own.

TLDR; This should not ban you if you play in multiplayer, but it is untested and you must use at your own risk.

Side effects of the mod.

Keep in mind that the mod is not perfect. It does its job, but the game is not designed for these FPS unlocks.
As for playability, you will not see any difference aside from the extra smoothness of higher fps, but you will see some visual bugs in kustomization and other selections, such as some fighter’s eyes moving weirdly, but in my opinion, it’s worth it.