Huge Storm Dominus is an item in Pet Simulator 99. This page has been created to track the current value, i.e., the price, of Huge Storm Dominus in the game. Before trading in Pet Sim 99, you can use our website to find out the value of the item you are going to trade. Our PS 99 Editors keep track of the in-game market and prices.

The Huge Storm Dominus stands as an Exclusive pet within Pet Simulator X, obtainable from the Exclusive Pets Egg with a rare chance of 1.25%. You can check all PS 99 Values from the link here.

Demand: TBD
Price Volatility: High

Storm Dominus Value

Normal Value


Golden Value


Rainbow Value



  1. Best Friend (Unique): This enchantment ensures that the pet consistently outperforms your best pets in terms of strength.
  2. Random Enchantment: Additional enchantments that vary randomly to enhance the pet’s abilities.

Pets featured in the Exclusive Egg

  • Storm Dominus (50%)
  • Empyrean Dominus (35%)
  • Inferno Dominus (13%)
  • Huge Storm Dominus (1.25%)
  • Huge Inferno Dominus (0.7%)
  • Titanic Dominus Astra (0.05%)

How are the values determined in PS 99?

The valuation of items in Pet Simulator 99 is derived from a complex analysis that incorporates input from seasoned traders within the Pet Simulator 99 community, feedback gathered on Discord, and insights from in-game player booths. It’s important to note that all values are denominated in gems and may undergo adjustments over time.