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Check out the Illithid Powers BG3 Tier List right away. Learn about the most powerful Illithid Powers and the class-specific ones. Move your game forward!

Hey there, fellow adventurer! Buckle up because we’re diving deep into the fantastic world of Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3. Whether you’re a spell-slinging wizard or a rogue with a penchant for shadows, there’s something here for everyone.

Illithid Powers BG3 Tier List

Best Tier 0 Illithid Powers

  1. Favourable Beginnings: This one’s a winner, offering a bonus to your first attack or ability check per long rest.
  2. Force Tunnel: Perfect for maneuvering in the thick of battle, though ranged characters might want to think twice.
  3. Transfuse Health: A lifesaver for tanks or support characters, keeping the team’s health in check.
  4. Concentrated Blast: Spellcasters, rejoice! Ideal for those who love their concentration spells.
  5. Psionic Overload: Packs a punch, but be prepared to take a hit in return.

Best Tier 1 Illithid Powers

  1. Stage Fright: A crowd control dream, imposing disadvantage and doling out Psionic damage for three turns.
  2. Repulsor: A tank’s best friend, dealing damage and pushing foes back 20 feet.
  3. Charm: Shutdown enemy attacks and make life easier for your whole party.
  4. Luck of the Far Realms: For the rogue in you, control when you unleash that critical strike.
  5. Shield of Thralls: Handy for support characters, creating a 10 HP barrier for yourself or an ally.

Class-Specific Illithid Powers

  • Barbarian (Endless Rage): Keep that rage going, dealing extra damage and avoiding an early end to your fury.
  • Fighter (Psionic Pull): Bring enemies or objects to you with a bonus action.
  • Ranger (Force Tunnel): Charge forward, pushing everything in your path away.
  • Rogue (Inkblot): Create magical darkness for sneaky maneuvers and obscurity.
  • Cleric (Survival Instinct): Save a buddy from falling unconscious by infusing them with Psionic Force.
  • Sorcerer (Horrific Visage): Terrify your enemies, regain sorcery points, and dish out psychic damage.
  • Paladin (Fracture Psyche): Disrupt your enemy’s defense by reducing their AC to one.
  • Bard (Stage Fright): Induce fear, disadvantage, and damage on your foes.
  • Druid (Aberrant Shape): Assume the form of an intellect devourer, dealing psychic damage.
  • Warlock (Supernatural Attraction): Teleport to another creature by concentrating on your connection.
  • Wizard (Reflective Shell): Reflect projectiles back to their source with a protective shield.