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Unlock endless riches in Baldur’s Gate 3 by manipulating merchant stock through leveling up, respec, and long rests. Learn the strategy now!

In our short article titled “Infinite Money Glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3” we discuss quick methods of earning money in the game and explore various approaches.

Infinite Money Glitch in BG 3

Gaining gold in Baldur’s Gate 3 typically follows a gradual and consistent process. Defeating enemies, looting dungeons, selling unwanted items, purchasing goods from merchants – all contribute to a positive gold balance in this cycle. However, there’s an alternate and quite obvious method to amass wealth: pickpocketing. For a more comprehensive understanding of this process, refer to the linked page. In essence, you’ll require a character with a high Stealth score, ensure they remain hidden from NPC sightlines, initiate stealth mode, pickpocket a merchant, and take the desired item. The difficulty of the theft is proportional to the item’s value, influencing the required Sleight of Hand DC (difficulty class).

Once you’ve successfully taken something (reloading your save might be wise to avoid detection), swiftly leave the area, maintaining a distance where the merchant and any summoned guards cease searching. Repeat as necessary.

This appears to be a relatively straightforward method to acquire additional resources. Yet, there’s a constraining factor (aside from your patience and willingness to save and reload): eventually, the source of income dwindles. While stealing a merchant’s stack of gold is the most obvious, once it’s depleted, your wealth accumulation stalls. Stealing individual items is an option, assuming you intend to use them. However, the question arises: after you’ve pilfered gold from every merchant, who will be the buyers for these stolen items? To consistently generate more gold, a strategy to replenish merchant stocks is necessary. Fortunately, there are ways to manipulate this scenario.

How to Get Merchants to Restock Their Wares

There are two conditions under which a merchant in Baldur’s Gate 3 will replenish their inventory:

  1. When you level up.
  2. When you take a Long Rest.

The latter process is fairly straightforward: expend 40 Camping Supplies to initiate a Long Rest, thereby fully recovering. This alone facilitates an endless monetary influx since you can acquire or buy Supply Packs during each merchant restock to fuel subsequent Long Rests. The process of leveling up is a bit more intricate. Merchants don’t exclusively restock when you achieve a new higher level; they do so every time any character levels up. Consequently, whenever your party accumulates enough experience to level up, all merchants restock with each character level-up. This opens the door for potential repeated stealing each time a character advances in level.

What’s even more advantageous is that by utilizing Withers to respec, you can trigger merchants to rotate their inventory. Since a character undergoing respec can regain their previous level, they can cause multiple rounds of merchant stock rotations. For instance, if a level five character undergoes respec, the rotation occurs immediately after sorting their level one stats and subsequently again when they progress to levels two, three, and so forth. This can lead to up to five stock rotations when they are back at level five – all for a modest cost of 100 gold!

In essence, the approach is quite straightforward: pilfer funds from merchants, then either initiate a Long Rest or advance in character levels (or perform a respec). Repeat this process until you accumulate your desired amount of gold.

How to Get Merchants to Restock Their Wares in Baldur’s Gate 3
You have the ability to induce merchants to refresh their inventory (which translates to acquiring more gold) by leveling up – and this includes the levels you redistribute through respeccing (left)

What Determines the Quality of a Merchant’s Wares

Additionally, it’s important to mention that when a merchant refreshes their inventory, the items they offer undergo a semi-randomization process. While certain merchants may vend specific magical items, these selections remain constant across restocks and won’t be replenished if acquired through theft or purchase. On the other hand, other items display variability and appear to increase in quality in relation to the character’s level. The specific character level at which this occurs is somewhat peculiar – in case of a respec, merchant offerings appear to downscale to match the character’s new level. This results in lower levels yielding reduced gold availability from merchants and the sale of lower-level spell scrolls.