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Now, take a look at the Kaiju Universe: Monster Tier List. Learn about the strongest monsters and all the details!

We’ve prepared the Kaiju Universe: Monster Tier List for you. While creating it, we received support from friends who have been playing the game for a long time and consulted dozens of articles. So, if you’re ready, let’s step into our tier list!

Kaiju Universe: Monster Tier List

Tier 0

  • Voodon & Juju: Potion mechanic allows them to heal and boosts themselves, achieving decent DPS at range.
  • Kong 2021: High speed, with two modes for either healing or more ranged DPS, and the capability to parry.
  • Battra: Low HP, decent speed, better combo capability, and can fight against both land and flying Kaiju.
  • Mothman: Recent buffs made them one of the best Kaiju with a reduced hitbox, high DPS, and various ailments, along with great range.
  • Godzilla Ultima: Strong melee capability that can hit flying Kaiju with decent damage; the right rotation can make Ultima unpunishable while dealing over 3k damage.
  • Kamadolph: Decent HP with healing and random boosts that keep them alive for a long time, along with decent beam DPS.
  • Monster Zero: The strongest land Kaiju with high HP and high damage reduction, standing a small chance against flying Kaiju but having a large hitbox.
  • Titanus Rodan: Decent HP, fast flying Kaiju with decent melee, able to use Wrathful Charge, and skills with very good damage at over 1000.
  • Megaguirus: Very fast flying speed, attacks with no end lag, and decent DPS with a hit-and-run style.
  • Destoroyah: A lot of combo potentials with strong beams that can turn the tables at any point.

Tier 1

  • Showa Mechagodzilla: Heavy beam damage, weak against flying Kaiju.
  • Biollante: High HP with regen and dash, but low base speed and melee DPS.
  • Frozen Behemoth: High HP and melee DPS with a freeze ailment, but short range.
  • Rose Biollante: Very high survivability skills with wall and trap, but can be countered due to long trap cooldown and lack of range.
  • MOGUERA: Shorter missile duration and beam range, but still very decent, except against flying Kaiju.
  • Ready Player One Mechagodzilla: Decent against land, but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Megalon: Has a dash with decent mid-range fighting ability.
  • Volcanic Biollante: High HP, high DPS with melee and skills, and potential for high speed.
  • Frostbite Gojira: Decent mid-range skills but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Mothra Larva: Low HP, but very high speed with a small body, making her the perfect assassin.
  • Titanus Behemoth: High HP with heal, good melee DPS, but lacks range and speed.
  • Type-3 Kiryu: Low HP, great overall offensive kit except for the Spiral Claw.
  • Showa Gojira: Decent DPS, HP, and can fly.
  • Thermonuclear Godzilla: Solid offensive kit with decent speed, but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Showa Gigan: Very fast with fast hits, great for hit-and-run.
  • Godzilla 2019: High HP with heal, great DPS and the ability to dash and land melee DPS.
  • Kamakura-San (Shin Gojira): High HP regen with great ranged attack and decent melee DPS.
  • Nutcracker: An all-round Kaiju with tank, regen, and DPS, but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Male Muto: Decent HP, decent DPS against land and flying Kaiju.
  • Muto Prime: High HP, great melee rusher with decent mid-range, has a chance against flying Kaiju.
  • Burning Gojira: High HP, decent DPS but takes own HP to deal damage.
  • Heisei King Ghidorah: Decent HP, good skill hitbox with low windup, but has a large hitbox himself.
  • Heisei Gojira: Skills are faster and can be abused.
  • U.S.S Argo: Decent HP, decent range while flying, but loses against higher-tier flying Kaiju.
  • Heisei Mothra: Decent damage against melee but loses against higher-tier flying Kaiju due to range.
  • Mechagodzilla 2021: High HP, decent melee with dash with decent ranged attacks.
  • EVA-01: Has a spear-throwing skill, one of the best projectile skills; Berserk mode makes EVA nearly invincible, bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Showa King Ghidorah: Decent HP and speed, can cancel regen, and can fight both land and flying Kaijus, but loses in beam fights.
  • Godzilla 2021: High HP, decent DPS and speed, with nearly no window to be countered.
  • Godzilla Minus One: Decent HP with regen; after rebalancing, will not be able to chain the Atomic Rain, strong beam.
  • Titanus Mosura: Decent HP with heal, small hitbox makes it hard to be hit, has a decent chance against melee and flying Kaiju.
  • Turkey Rodan: Very fast flying Kaiju with decent combo with a rather small-sized body.

Tier 2

  • Kamacuras: Decent HP, easy hit-and-run attacks, but has no ranged attack.
  • Ebirah: Great AoE damage followed by decent melee, but no speed.
  • Godzilla 2014: Lower DPS but has knockback but no speed.
  • Titanus Scylla: Decent HP, has ranged skill, bad with melee.
  • Cleric Muto: Nerfed skills made using them take up a lot of charges.
  • Final Wars Gojira: Decent HP, buff has made him more viable but still.
  • Cherno Alpha: High HP, decent melee DPS, but very slow.
  • Millennium Gojira: High damage reduction, but long windup beam windup, bad melee DPS.
  • Zombie Gigan: High HP, great beam that heals itself, speed, bad range.
  • Millennian Kaiju: Decent HP, speed, weak against melee rush.
  • Manda: Nerfed with lower HP.
  • Jet Jaguar Beta: Low HP with decent regen, easy to get hit.

Tier 3

  • Wendigo Crawler: Fast but poor melee range.
  • Skull Crawler: Fast but poor melee range.
  • Heisei/Fire Rodan: Nerf caused reduced range with poor energy regen.
  • Shinagawa-Kun: Low HP, solid beam damage (900) with decent melee.
  • Showa Kumonga: Low HP, but fast with the ability to slow others.
  • Gabara: Great single-hit spam with stun capability, but a horrible blind skill.
  • Singular Point Anguirus: Decent HP, solid damage, speed, and better melee hitboxes and beam damage, but long startup.
  • Gojira: Everything from Godzilla Jr. but better damage and range, such as better beam damage, but still bad in long-range fights.
  • Kong 2017: Decent HP, decent melee damage.
  • Female Muto: High HP, good DPS but no longer has HP regen.
  • Gezora: Low HP, only good in water, terrible on land.
  • Minilla Ex: Low HP, only good in water with heal, terrible on land.
  • Mother Longlegs: Low HP, slow attack speed makes her vulnerable in every situation.
  • Showa Jet Jaguar: Low HP, bad melee hitbox, low DPS.
  • Showa Minilla: Skills charge long, exposing her and low hitbox on her skill.
  • Showa Anguirus: High HP with speed, decent melee damage, but overall underperforms.
  • Kamata-Kun: Increased HP pool, but still underperforms.
  • Godzilla Jr.: High HP, but DPS and range make it hard to play him.