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Lethal Company: All Terminal Commands

How to Navigate the Terminal in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, mastering the Terminal is crucial for efficient gameplay. To access the Terminal, press the E key. Once inside, you can use various commands to interact with the game’s features, such as the Store, Bestiary, or Storage. Here’s a breakdown of the commands available in the Terminal:


The Moons command provides a list of planets you can visit, including the Company Building. Type Moons, hit enter, then enter the name of the desired Moon (without the hazard level). Confirm your choice by typing confirm or C. For instance, typing “Vow” followed by “confirm” will take you to the Vow Moon.

  • Vow (Hazard Level C)
  • Experimentation (Hazard Level B)
  • Assurance (Hazard Level D)
  • Offense (Hazard Level B)
  • March (Hazard Level B)
  • Rend (Hazard Level A)
  • Dine (Hazard Level S)
  • Titan (Hazard Level S+)
  • Company Building or Com


The Store command reveals a list of items available for purchase. Type Store into the console. To buy an item, type the item’s name and Confirm. To cancel a purchase, type Deny. To get information on an item, type the item’s name followed by info. For example, “Pro Flashlight info” provides details about the flashlight.


Access the Bestiary to find information about in-game monsters. Type Bestiary into the console and hit enter. After opening the Bestiary menu, type the monster’s name to view its details.

View Monitor

The View Monitor command displays a radar map of a selected player. Type View Monitor into the console. To switch the player being monitored, type Switch.


The Scan command reveals all items on the Moon you are exploring. Type Scan into the console and hit enter.


Use the Ping command to play a sound when a Radar Booster is near a Main Entrance. Type Ping followed by the Radar’s name. For example, “Ping Freddy” or “Ping Brody” will activate the Radar Booster.

Secret Commands and Easter Eggs

Discover hidden commands and Easter eggs by typing words starting with the first three letters of an undiscovered lore or creature entry. Experiment with misspelling commands for unique responses. Uncover the game’s secrets through exploration and interaction with the Terminal.