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Now, take a look at our Lethal Company: How to Deal With Monsters guide and get rid of monsters completely while learning all the moves you need to make!

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Lethal Company: How to Deal With Monsters

Hygroderes, The Slime

This creature should not pose any threat as long as you keep your distance away from it. If you get too close to it it will kill you almost instantly. The slime can become bigger over time or if its hit with a shovel or a stop sign, it can also multiple into 2 slimes. The way to counter it: get on railings or anything else that’s not the ground.

Hoarder Bug

The Hoarding Bug is not that dangerous if you don’t get into its territory. The Hoarding Bug will guard the loot in the building and if you decide to grab it it will get hostile and start flying at an increased speed, it is recommended to either kill it with a shovel or a stop sign or get out of the building.

Snare Flea

A small creature that is usually on the ceiling. Look up and scan and be cautious. If you get too close it will drop on your head and slowly kill you, your teammates and save you by hitting it with a shovel or a stop sign, you can also get out of the building while its on your head and it will die instantly. Then you can safely go back in the building. If your teammates can’t save you and there is no exit close your best bet would be to step on a landmine, run into a turret or jump off into a pit, that will kill you and the creature.

Bunker Spider

This creature is a lot more dangerous than the ones I mentioned before. It is a big spider that moves relatively fast and is faster then you if you are not sprinting. If you see webs on the ground or walls be careful there is a spider nearby… It will usually wait for its prey to get stuck on the web and then it will attack. If you manage not to get caught on the web you can usually see the spider on the ceiling or on the wall waiting. If you get close it will not budge unless you get really really close to the point where it can kill you or you hit it with a shovel. It is pretty tanky and will take a few hits. Best way to kill it is to get on a railing and hit it with a shovel while it cant get you there.

The Thumper

A very fast hostile creature that will attack you as soon as it sees you. If you hear heavy thumping be careful the monster is nearby… It has bad hearing but has great eyesight and can see you from great distances in the building. If you hear the thumping I suggest you get out of the building as fast as you can and don’t come back in without a weapon. If it sees you and starts chasing you jump onto a railing and hit it with a shovel or a stop sign until it dies. If you can’t see a railing anywhere close and it chasing you trying to make quick turns cause its fast but can but has to stop to make a turn. You should be very cautious when u hear or see this creature cause it is very dangerous.

Coil Head

This one is one of the most dangerous creature you will encounter in the building. Most of the time you will hear fast footsteps behind you and if u can turn around in the time before it kills you it will stop… You see a tall damaged mannequin with a coil as its neck holding the head. You are safe as long as you keep looking at it, if you look away just for a second it will start moving again. There is no way to kill it so I suggest you get out of the building as soon as possible.

Bracken aka Flower Man

Its a flower man you can’t say otherwise! In all seriousness thought this is the most dangerous creature you can encounter in the building. It is a big dark figure with white glowing eyes and looks a little bit like a flower and that hides in the dark and attacks when you are not looking. If you see it only look at it for a short period of time and look away fast. If you look at it for too long it will get provoked and start growling. If you managed to not provoke it and look at it for a short period of the it will go away. But it will come back. It will continue stalking you as long as you in the building with it so your best bet would be just to leave. This creature is much more dangerous and scarier when playing alone without teammates. If you don’t manage to see it in time or don’t notice it at all you will see hands wrap around your head and it will snap your neck and drag your body in its room. You can know which room is it and here’s how. If you find a door that leads to a empty padded room that’s the creatures home and it is probably already in the building with you. The hard part about this creature is that it can sneak and that’s why its hard to detect. Best way to counter it is not the play alone and play with at least one teammate cause it can save you from dying. If you are with teammates and decide to go alone in a hallway or stay alone for a couple of minutes creepy ambience will start to play. That means that the creature is stalking you. You may not see it but it sees you while its hiding in the dark corners and shadows of the building. So stay with teammates and don’t go alone! and you should not have a problem with it.

Eyeless Dog

This creature compared to others spawns outside in the wilderness later in the day. It is a big dog without any eyes that relies on its hearing ability and smell. They can spawn earlier in deserts such as Offense or Assurance. There is usually one but if its very late at night they will travel in packs like wolves. If you try to run away from it it will catch up to you and tear you to shreds like a toy. It is still blind thought so try to make turns cause it will roar at you and charge in a straight line. Even thought it can’t see you if u get too close to it it will smell you and kill you that way. It also make loud footstep noises when walking. So crouch and keep you distance away from it and you should be safe.

Forest Keeper

This creature compared to others also spawns outside. You can tell by its name where it will usually be at. That’s right! forests. It is a massive giant plant that looks like a tree. It can see you from great distances and if it does it will chase you. You can tell if its close by heavy footsteps. Usually spawns on Vow or March but it can spawn on other planets as well. If its starts chasing you run to the ship or hide under something or get into a building so it can’t get you. As long as you don’t stop moving it cannot catch up to you its hands will be on around you but it has just a little less walking speed than you do so do not go up or downhill or don’t climb ladders or it will get you. If this creatures gets you its slightly different how it kills you. It grabs you with its hand and slowly put you into its mouth and eats you alive. Because how long it takes for it to kill you a teammate can teleport you back to the ship in time as its grabbing you and you can escape. So if you do see this creature hide behind cover and crouch if it does see you trying to break sight.

The Jester

This creature can only appear on these planets: Rend, Dine and Titan. This is one appears in the mansion and can appear in the facility as well but is mostly in the mansion. If you see it run to the exit as soon as possible before it gets hostile. It will follow you around for about 20 seconds without doing anything after does 20 seconds pass it will start to spin its little handle around and the music will get louder and more distorted. After about 40 seconds a head will pop out a giant scary monster head at this point you should already be out of the building. If you are still in the building your chances of survival are very low as it will chase you relentlessly in the building until it kills you. So very dangerous get out of the building before its head pops out.

Circuit Bees

These Bees can spawn or any planet that doesn’t have snow so that means they don’t spawn on: Rend, Dine and Titan. You can find bees usually on Vow and March but on another planets as well but they are most commonly on those. They will mind there own business and guard there hive. If you try to grab the hive or get too close the bees will get hostile and attack you. They are very dangerous fast and can kill you fast. So have one teammate lure away the bees and one grab the hive and run back to the ship. So keep your distance away from them and you should be good.

Earth Leviathan

This is the biggest creature in the game as of writing this. Its home is the desert on Assurance and Offense. Its a big worm that attacks from underground, it is recommended to leave the planet as soon as this creature has been detected to be on it. You can only see when it bursts from the ground to eat a player whole. Because its underground you can see a massive red dot on the radar, warn your teammates before its too late… You can know if this creature is following you when the ground starts shaking and that’s your sign to run.

Ghost Girl

A rare enemy that can spawn in your game. Most commonly found on: Rend, Dine and Titan but can spawn on any other map. Its a backwards facing little girl in a dress that haunts one player at a time. If you see her don’t get too close and you will be safe for a short period of time. After some time she will start chasing you and when she does get you she will decapitate you. After killing you it will instantly go for any other teammates alive. You can tell if u are being hunted if sounds around you are muffled and everything becomes distorted. If seen it it is recommended that you leave the moon immediately or else your whole team is doomed.

Forest Giant

It is entirely impossible to kill a Forest Giant by using a shovel or any other weapons. There IS a way to kill it in a environmental way, Earth Leviathan Worm. Lure a Forest Giant on you while a Earth Leviathan Worm is about to attack you, if you are able to survive the Giant worm attack and eats the Forest Giant instead i would say you earn an achievement for that.

Baboon Hawks

These fellas aren’t much of a threat unless you carry stuff they find delicious and will try to eat you for it. It’s easy to take one down all by yourself with just 5 hits of shovel but if they are in packs it could be a issue to deal with. If you have a well organized crew team you can handle it pretty well.