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Learn how to acquire the Bee Hive in Lethal Company. Let's proceed with the article.

In this article, we will talk about what you need to do to obtain the Bee Hive in Lethal Company. Let’s move on to our article.

How To Get a Bee Hive

As previously highlighted, acquiring a Bee Hive involves a strategic approach rather than relying on salvaging from facilities. Navigate planets with care to locate these hives, often found near the ship’s landing point. In adverse weather, utilize the scanner (accessible via the right mouse button) to pinpoint elusive objects. Exercise caution when encountering a Bee Hive, as disturbing it will trigger a defensive swarm.

The abodes of Circuit Bees, scientifically termed Crabro-coruscus, pose heightened dangers due to their elevated aggression and intelligence compared to ordinary bees. Their evolutionary progression includes the ability to deliver electric shocks through rapid wing friction, making close encounters perilous.

To successfully appropriate the hive without facing imminent danger, enlist a teammate to act as bait. Equip them with items for enhanced mobility, such as TZP-Inhalant or, preferably, a Jetpack. Once prepared, follow these steps:

Bee Hive in Lethal Company
  1. Stand on opposite sides of the hive, facing each other, with your teammate.
  2. The bait teammate should approach the hive to draw out the swarm.
  3. As the swarm emerges, the bait should swiftly retreat, diverting their attention.
  4. Seize the opportunity to approach the hive quickly, retrieve it, and transport it to the ship.
  5. Move swiftly, ensuring to close the ship’s door to prevent enemy infiltration.

If fortune favors you, your teammate may survive unscathed, avoiding penalties for team deaths. Solo players face a more intricate challenge. Fulfill both roles by acquiring TZP-Inhalant for assistance. Approach the hive swiftly, secure it, and hasten back to the ship. As before, ensure to close the door to avert fatal encounters onboard. The retrieved hive typically commands a price ranging from 51 to 169 credits, offering an opportunity to acquire valuable resources by selling it.