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In this guide, discover how to acquire and use the Jetpack in Lethal Company. Let's dive into the details in our article.

In this article, we will explain how you can obtain and use the Jetpack in Lethal Company. Let’s move on to our article.

How to Get and Use Jetpack

Where to Get Jetpack: To acquire the Jetpack, visit the in-game terminal and follow these steps:

  1. Approach the ship and interact with the Terminal Console.
  2. Press ‘E’ to access the console, type ‘Store,’ and hit ‘Enter.’
  3. In the Store, type ‘Jetpack’ in the text box and press ‘Enter.’ Confirm your order by entering ‘CONFIRM’ if you have 700+ Credits.
  4. Exit your ship and await the delivery ship.
  5. Once the delivery ship arrives, press ‘E’ to collect your Jetpack order.

Note: Jetpack is exclusively available for purchase; it cannot be found as a random drop.

Jetpack in Lethal Company

How to Use Jetpack: Master the Jetpack’s controls with these simple rules:

  1. With the Jetpack equipped, press the left mouse button to ascend.
  2. Hold the Spacebar at your preferred height to maintain altitude. Use standard movement buttons to control direction.
  3. Release Spacebar to descend.

Jetpack Tips:

  • Designate one player with a Jetpack for efficient resource transportation.
  • Watch out for overheating; land periodically to prevent explosions.
  • Use the Jetpack only in open areas, and charge it on the ship’s wall charger when needed.

Enhance your Lethal Company experience by unlocking the Jetpack’s potential. Explore new heights and strategize effectively with this powerful mobility tool.