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This article guides locating and disabling turrets in Lethal Company. Let's proceed with the details.

In this article, we will tell you where you can find the turrets in Lethal Company and how you can disable them. Let’s move on to our article.

How to Locate and Deactivate Turret

1. Spotting Turret Locations

a. Personal Exploration (Not Recommended): – Utilize a regular flashlight to identify Turrets in dark corners. – Exercise caution to avoid triggering Turret activation by staying at a safe distance.

b. Terminal Radar (Recommended): – Team up with at least two players for enhanced safety. – Monitor the Terminal Radar on your ship’s screen to detect Turrets. – Identify Turrets through a small red triangle with a cone-shaped kill zone. – Players on the ship can provide timely warnings and guidance to those on the ground.

2. Disabling Turrets

  • Once a Turret is spotted on the Terminal Radar, note its code name (e.g., b4).
  • The player behind the monitor can enter the Turret’s code name into the Terminal to disable it.
  • Similar to unlocking doors, Turrets remain deactivated for a brief period.
  • Maintain contact with the Terminal to time your movements safely.
Turret in Lethal Company

3. Tactical Use of Turrets

  • In dire situations, consider using a Turret to your advantage by approaching it.
  • Temporarily confuse the Turret by striking it with a Shovel or a similar weapon.
  • While the Turret fires randomly, take the opportunity to escape from pursuing threats.
  • Crouch near the Turret for increased survivability, moving slowly to minimize damage.

4. Summary

  • Spot Turrets through Terminal Radar for optimal safety.
  • Turrets are identified by a small red triangle with a unique code name.
  • Disable Turrets by entering their code names into the Terminal.
  • Tactical use of Turrets involves temporary confusion and random firing.

By mastering these Turret management techniques, you can significantly increase your chances of survival in the challenging world of Lethal Company. Stay vigilant, work with your team, and turn the tables on these formidable adversaries.