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Unlock effective use of Spray Paint in Lethal Company: where to acquire it and tips for enhanced application. Let's delve into the details!

In this article, we will explain where to acquire Spray Paint in Lethal Company and how it can be used more effectively. Let’s move on to our writing.

How to Obtain and Use Spray

Where to Obtain Spray Paint in Lethal Company

Spray Paint can be conveniently obtained from the Terminal Store in Lethal Company. Follow these simple steps to purchase Spray Paint:

  1. Interact with the Terminal Console on your ship.
  2. Press the E button to access the console and navigate to the Store tab by typing “store” and pressing Enter.
  3. Type “spray paint” into the text box and press Enter. Adjust the quantity if needed by creating a request like “spray paint 2.”
  4. Confirm your order by typing “Confirm.”
  5. Head to the next moon, disembark from your ship, and collect your Spray Paint from the delivery ship.

Remember, Spray Paint usually costs 50 Credits, and you might enjoy discounts.

Spray Paint in Lethal Company

How to Use Spray Paint in Lethal Company

Once you have your Spray Paint, follow these guidelines to make the most of it in Lethal Company:

  1. Color Selection – When you pick up your order, you’ll receive Spray Paint with Red, Purple, Green, or Yellow paint. The color is random and cannot be chosen.
  2. Application Process
    • Approach the desired surface (floor or wall) where you want to spray paint.
    • Hold down the attack button to spray paint for about a second.
    • Shake the spray paint by holding the Q button, simulating real-life usage.
    • While shaking, you can continue drawing, but accuracy decreases significantly.
  3. Usage Tips
    • The supply of paints in Spray Paint is limited, so use it wisely.
    • Once the paint is depleted, it cannot be refilled. You can discard it or sell it.
    • Although Jeb will pick up discarded Spray Paint as Scrap, no money is rewarded.
  4. Creative Applications
    • Spray Paint has numerous applications, affecting enemy behavior and aiding in marking cleared areas.
    • Use it to leave signs for navigation, prevent getting lost, or mark the boundaries of the Bunker Spider web for team members.

Incorporate these tips into your gameplay, and you’ll find Spray Paint to be an indispensable tool for both practical and strategic purposes in Lethal Company. Explore the various ways to unleash your creativity with this versatile item!