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Discover effective communication with the Signal Translator in Lethal Company's latest update. Learn how to obtain and utilize this feature. Let's explore in our guide!

In this article, we will guide you on obtaining and utilizing the Signal Translator, a communication-enhancing feature introduced in the recent update of Lethal Company. Let’s dive into our writing!

How to Unlock & Use Signal Translator

How to Unlock Signal Translator

  1. Accumulate Credits
    • Earn 255 credits through a few runs in Lethal Company.
  2. Visit the Terminal
    • Go to the terminal at your base.
  3. Access the Store
    • Open the Store from the terminal.
  4. Purchase Signal Translator
    • Spend your earned credits to buy the Signal Translator.
  5. Place Anywhere on Your Ship
    • The upgrade resembles a radio and can be placed anywhere on your ship. Its location doesn’t affect its functionality.
  6. Utilize Terminal Functions
    • To use the Signal Translator, you only need a terminal.
Lethal Company: How to Unlock & Use Signal Translator

What Signal Translator Does

  • Broadcast Messages
    • Allows you to broadcast a signal to all players in Lethal Company.
  • Simple Commands
    • Use the “transmit message” command at the terminal to send a code or warning visible to all teammates.
  • Character Limit
    • Messages can be up to 9 characters long. Longer messages will display only the first 9 characters.

Effective Communication Tips

  • Base Monitoring:
    • Ideal for players leaving one teammate to monitor cameras.
  • Scrap Collection:
    • Useful for notifying teammates about encountered enemies while out searching for scrap.

The Signal Translator, though seemingly simple, adds a layer of fun and utility to the game. It’s not just a cheap upgrade; it becomes a versatile tool for strategic communication. Send concise messages, coordinate with teammates, and eventually, enjoy amusing exchanges with friends. Enhance your Lethal Company experience with the Signal Translator and stay ahead in the game!