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Now, take a look at the Lethal Company: Shop's Items Guide. Learn all the individual features of the items available in the store. Make your choices easier!

In this topic, we covered the Lethal Company: Shop’s Items Guide. Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Lethal Company: Shop’s Items Guide


A great way to communicate and stay together

Info from /info command:
Useful for keeping in touch! Hear other players when the wakie talkie is in your inventory. Must be in your hand and pressed down to transmit voice


  • Battery life – 12 hours (This should last you the entire day. Remember to charge in between days)
  • Cost – 12 credits
  • Requires 2 to function properly
  • Weight – 0 pounds

Additional info:

  • The action of turning on/off the walkie DOES emit noise that can be heard by monsters. BUT incoming transmissions DO NOT emit sound that monsters can hear.
  • It can be heard from others that someone is talking on the radio, although the player can not hear what the other person on the radio is saying.
  • Just like with other charged items, the walkie still drains power if turned on and dropped.
  • Yes the info command called it a wakie talkie, not a typo on our end.


Since the items function the same, they will be grouped.

Info from /info command:
The most affordable light source. It’s even waterproof!


  • Battery life – 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • Costs – 15 credits
  • Weight – 0 pounds


Info from /info command:
With an extra battery life and even brighter bulb, your colleagues can never leave you in the dark again!


  • Battery life – 5 hours
  • Costs – 30 credits
  • Weight – 5 pounds


  • The pro flashlight is only 10 credits more
  • Has an extra 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Noticeably brighter
  • Only con is 5 pounds



Additional info:

  • Flashlights can still be turned on whilst holding a different item, also if they are dropped.
  • Flashlights will not see through fog, steam leak, blizzard etc.


The shovel is a weapon class item and can be used to slaughter some* enemies

Info from /info command:
“For self-defense!”


  • Cost: 30 credits
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • One-Handed
  • Can damage crew

Additional Info:
– The shovel can be used to kill the following enemies

  • Hoarding bug: 2~4 hits
  • Snare flea: 1~3 hits
  • Manticoils: 1 hit (Why would you though?)
  • Thumpers: 4~6 hits (stand on railings if you can)
  • Brackens: 2~3 (Not recommended unless necessary)
  • Bunker spider: 4~6 hits


This thing is so good I want to lockpick the company building

Info from /info command:
Lockpickers will unlock your limitless potential for efficiency on the job. Powered by proprietary AI software, they will get you access through any locked door.”


  • Cost – 20 credits
  • Weight – 16 lbs
  • One handed

Additional info:

  • Lockpickers can be placed on a locked door, which will then take 30 seconds before unlocking said door. Giving you enough time to find the key and regret your life choices. We really don’t recommend this item.

Stun Grenade

The stun grenade is a mid-game tool that allows the player to commit a hit and run

Info from /Info command:
Null – (No description has been written)


  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Cost – 40 credits
  • One time use
  • Throw-able

How to use:

  • Click lmb to pull the pin, you have about 5 seconds to click lmb again to throw it.
  • I had to write this because it is not explanatory the FIRST time you use it.

Additional Info:

  • The stun grenade can be thrown at a monster to temporarily stun it.
  • If thrown at player (Or not thrown at all) It will temporarily flash the scavenger and deal damage
  • Most notably, the stun grenade can be used on forest giants to make them put down what’s in their hand.
  • After the pin is pulled and the bomb has blown up, players can still collect the casing. (It also sticks to ceilings.)


The boombox is a stylish way to allure in enemies

Info from /info command:
These jamming tunes are great for a morale boost on your crew!


  • Weight – 16 pounds
  • One handed
  • Distraction
  • Battery life – 5 hours 40 minutes

Additional information:

  • The boombox may be a good way to boost morale, but it can also be used to distract any monster attracted to sound, such as eyeless dogs.


An Inhalant that can get you out of some sticky situations

Info from /info command:
This safe and legal medicine can be administered to see great benefits to your performance on the job! Your ability to move LONG distances while carrying HEFTY objects will be second to none! Warning: TZP gas may impact the brain with extended exposure. Follow instructions manual provided with the canister.
Don’t forget to share!


  • Weight – 0 pounds
  • Cost – 120 credits
  • Total Use time – 22 seconds

Additional information:

  • This item is quite simple, huff and run, you get quite a bit faster and you temporarily feel lighter.
  • When using large doses, your screen becomes more red and orange and your voice will actually become lighter pitch towards the chipmunks kind of voice.
  • Around 11 seconds after straight inhaling is when the vision becomes distorted and the voice distortion happens.

Zap gun

The zap gun is the ultimate end game tool compared to the stun grenade

Info from /info command:
” The most specialized self-protective equipment, capable of sending upwards of 80,000 volts!

To Keep it targeted as long as possible, pull the gun side-to-side to counter the bend and fightagainst the pull of the electric beam. It can only stun for as long as you keep the current flowing.


  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Cost – 400 credits
  • One-handed
  • Can be used on crew mates
  • Charged weapon – 30~60 seconds total stun time (Depends on how good you aim)

How to use:

  • First you need an enemy in the range of the gun, hold lmb
  • Then after it has locked on, make sure to keep the gun centered on your screen for as long as possible
  • Do this by moving your camera left and right like the /info command stated.

Additional information:

  • The stun gun does not damage monsters/crew, only stunning them.

Image of it in action


The Jetpack is a late game item that can provide thrusts and put you mid-air

Info from /info command:
This device will get you around anywhere! Just use it responsibly!


  • Costs – 700 credits
  • Weight – 52 pounds
  • Thrust time – 5 seconds
  • Power time – 1 minute

How to Use:

  • Once you have it equipped, if you hold lmb it will start the thrust.
  • Hold jump to start your vertical ascent. Stop holding jump to hover. The WASD keys control your pitch (direction).

Additional info:

  • If you hold the thrust for longer than about 5 seconds, It blows up (Killing the player and destroying the item.)
  • If you spam click to launch with the jetpack whilst on the ground, there is a glitch that makes it use power while it is not in use (Even on the ground.) To fix this do the same thing.

Extension Ladder

The Extension ladder is a tactical tool allowing you to gain vertical height

Info from /info command:
“The extension ladder can reach as high as nine meters! Use it to scale any cliff and reach for the stars! To save batteries the extension ladder automatically stores itself after 18 seconds.”


  • Weight – 0 pounds
  • Cost – 60 credits

Additional info:
– This one is pretty self explanatory, read the info section.

  • There is a scenario where you activate the ladder whilst someone is under it’s path. If it falls all the way to the ground they just get crushed and die. (At least you can recover the body!)


The Radar-booster is a helpful tool for the radar guy; You should never get lost!

Info from /info command:
Radar boosters come with many uses!

Use the “SWITCH” command before the radar booster’s name to view it on the main monitor. It must be activated.

Use the “PING” command before the radar booster’s name to play a special sound from the device.


  • Weight – 19 pounds
  • Cost – 50 credits
  • Location tool

How to use

  • Activate it and throw it somewhere you want to not get lost (We recommend the beginning of the maze in the facility)
  • A person back at radar will switch the cameras until they find the Radar-booster’s camera.
  • They will then be able to see the name of that Radar booster (or you can scan it for the name)
  • Typing in “Ping [Radar-booster’s name]” will play a voice line saying hello.
  • This is helpful for if the expedition team gets lost.

Additional information:

  • This item can be used as a light source when activated and held.


This section is no longer physical items and is now upgrades that either go on/in the ship.

Loud horn

A loud sound that almost the whole surface can hear

Info from /info command:

Used to communicate with any crew member from any distance, no walkie talkie required! The horn can be heard from anywhere. But what does it mean? That’s up to you!


  • Price – 150 credits

Additional information:

  • As the /info command says, your crew can assign the sounding of this horn to anything.
  • A common one is to warn the crew of forest giants near the ship.
  • Will also attract eyeless dogs.


A nifty tool that can be used to recover any persons from crazy places

Info from /info command:
Press the button to activate the teleporter. It will teleport whoever is currently being monitored on the ship’s radar. They will not be able to keep any of their held items through the teleport. It takes about ten seconds to recharge.

How to use:

  • After purchasing there will be a red button in a glass case at the radar terminal.
  • Switch to the person (dead or alive) on the radar to bring them back to the ship. None of their items will come along.


  • Price – 375 credits
  • Cool down – 10 seconds
  • Time to activate – 3 seconds

Additional info

  • Bodies cannot be recovered if none was left, ex: eaten by a worm, eaten by a giant etc

Inverse teleporter

Unlike the teleporter, this is when things REALLY go down and you need an extra man

Info from /info command:
The inverse teleporter is a modified teleporter which will teleport you to a random position outside the ship. All your items will be dropped at the teleporter before transport. The inverse teleporter can be used by everyone at once and has a 3.5 minute cooldown.

DISCLAIMER: The inverse teleporter can only transport you out, not in, and you may become trapped. The Company is not responsible for injury or replacement of heads and limbs induced by quantum entanglement and bad luck.

How to use:

  • Same as the teleporter, but you can’t pick where you go, open the glass case and press the yellow button.
  • After you press the button, move inside the base of the teleporter. You will have been teleported.
  • If multiple people stand on the teleporter at once, they both/all get teleported inside the facility!!


  • Price – 425 credits
  • Cool down – 200 seconds
  • Time to activate – 3 seconds

Additional information:

  • When the /info command says “outside” it’s referring to in the facility.
  • Instead of blue particles showing up for the player using the normal teleporter, this inverse teleporter has red particles.