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Now, check out the Lethal Company: Team Roles and Monster Abbreviations Guide. Learn the roles of everyone on your team!

In this regard, we’ve covered the Lethal Company: Team Roles and Monster Abbreviations Guide. Let’s dive into the guide!

Lethal Company: Team Roles and Monster Abbreveations Guide

The Team Roles

There are various playstyles in Lethal Company, some riskier than others. Feel free to mix things up or go solo—this is just a basic overview based on what I’ve commonly observed.

1: The Looter/Carrier

These players are crucial and represent the most common playstyles in the game. Often seen rushing into areas and spamming RMB to find loot, this approach can sometimes lead to getting shredded by anything looking for a fight.

2: Security

Self-explanatory, these players are usually equipped with a shovel or another weapon. Security roles involve combating hostile entities, either scaring them away or eliminating them. They’re rare, as not many have the courage to face a Bracken. If you encounter these individuals, be sure to express your gratitude.

3: The Overwatch

These players are vital for the looters as they communicate with others through the radio, guiding them on the map and warning them about entities. Overwatch players can also operate doors via the terminal (just type the door’s name to open/close it). They play a crucial role in instructing players on when to leave, especially to avoid being caught in the dark early-game.

4: The Comedic Relief

True to their name, these players are often a mix of various classes, mostly the looter, and they roam around messing with anything they find. If they stumble upon a clownhorn or, heaven forbid, an airhorn, be prepared to hear it for days. Personally, I tend to lean more towards this role.

Mission Control – Radar Guy – Laziest Employee

This one is pretty self explanatory, one person stays on the ship with a walkie-talkie, relaying information such as directions, creature locations, loot locations, and general team leadership, you can also tell the time at any given moment by walking outside the ship’s cabin.


  • Walkie-Talkie: Communicate with the Comms Officer(more on that later)
  • Radar-Booster: A small beacon you can activate and place anywhere on the map, it can be seen just like a player on the radar screen, and typing ping [Booster name] in the terminal will play a noise, on experimentation, I like to put it on the small Hill to the left of the ship to lure dogs if they show up
  • Teleporter: You can teleport your fellow crewmates back to the ship if they’re in danger or dead, this prevents large taxes on your funds as recovering the bodies reduces it to nothing, keep in mind that they WILL drop all of their gear and items (please get their permission or make sure they are actually in danger)
  • Loud Horn: This Horn can be heard from anywhere in the map, you can assign it a meaning for your crewmates such as “Return to Ship post-haste!” however, this would really only apply if you dont have walkies (or the comms officer is dead)
  • Terminal: you can open and close automated doors from the ship by typing the code found on the door and/or map screen, the same goes for mines and turrets, however these are temporary


  • Try to analyze and memorize enemy movement patterns and blip sizes so you can accurately relay to your team what might be just around the corner.
  • Only have one person (comms officer) go in with a walkie, not only to save on resources, but to keep things simple, prioritize the comms officer on the radar, and check on other crewmates if they happen to split up
  • You will usually be the last one alive unless you fail to be quiet when a dog shows up, so if everything goes pear shaped, you can take off and save any loot you managed to get on the ship
  • if someone has a long name, or it doesn’t roll off the tongue well, try to Abbreviate their name as simply as possible, make sure they know what you’ll be calling them
    • Notes: I once had a guy with an AI voice changer sound like Mission Control from DRG, he was very skilled with instructions

The Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is a role that goes hand in hand with Mission Control, you must relay instructions to your team from the ship to make sure everyone is well informed of the environment



  • Flashlight(of either grade)
  • Zap-Gun (Optional): The Zap Gun is a mid game tool that allows you to stun a creature for 30-60 seconds, all you have to do is scan for a creature, the gun will zap them, and you just have to keep the gun steady while it does its work
  • Radar-Booster


  • Don’t constantly talk on the walkie, when you’re instructed, just do what Mission Control says and they will see you do it, This way, you don’t have to constantly say that you’ve done what they said, so you can carry things and move more efficiently
  • Be the bridge between the ship and the ground crew, relay what mission control says to you, and what the crew says to mission control, when everybody is well informed, its harder to be killed
  • You can place the radar booster in the entrance area, or at a forking path to make sure you don’t get lost, ask Mission control to ping it and you will hear a garbled “hello”
  • You can Zap Enemies while the Weapons Expert kills them with the shovel
  • Forest Giants are scared away by the Zap Gun

The Weapons Expert

The “Bravest” Member of the team, they protect the rest of the ground crew(unless its them that dies first)


  • Shovel(Lightest)
  • Stop-Sign
  • Yield-Sign(Heaviest): The Melee weapons all function the same, you hit a creature enough times and it dies
  • Flashlight


  • You can Jump on railings to avoid some creatures, you can use this to kill them easily
  • Work with the Comms Expert to kill more dangerous enemies by stunlocking them
  • Just because you have a weapon does not make you invincible, there have been quite a few of these guys who end up falling down a hole because they’re so caught up in running after creatures instead of avoiding them
    • Notes: Whoever you end up hiring, make sure that the most unhinged/chaotic member of the group end up in this role, as they usually are not scared by simple creatures such as brackens

The Mule

This one is pretty Self explanatory as well, You want to be the one with the most inventory space so you can carry the most items.


  • Flashlight and/or Nothing


  • If you have pro flashlights (which you should have if you have any of the other tools mentioned here) you can just follow someone who has one while you have an empty inventory, ripe for item collection
  • Remember to leave 2 handed items just outside the main entrance or fire exit for later collection
  • You are the fastest
    • Notes: If you are not in this role, give your small items to the mule

Team Tips


When going after a hive, you want to assign someone as bait, no matter who is doing what, everyone needs to store their gear just in case they die. when luring the bees away from their hive, try to stay close to them, if you run to far, they will just go back towards whoever grabbed the hive, possibly leaving the hive too close to, or on the ship, which will require a second possible sacrifice to move it away so you can take off.


Recovering Bodies removes the tax when you take off

The most common use of the loud horn is to warn of Giants near the Ship

Purchasing extra suits can help with determining who is who

  • You can hit a snare flea off of someone’s face
  • Walking outside the cabin while landing can help you locate facilities faster
  • Try to scan any creature you see, even if its about to kill you, the host would appreciate it
  • Use your Scanner in dark rooms or places with shelves to more easily spot loot

Monster Abbreviations

Monsters are the most terrifying part of Lethal Company, often found inside but also lurking outside. Here’s a guide to their abbreviations to make it easier to call them out (note: this may not be up-to-date):

  • Baboon Hawk: BH
  • Bracken/Flower Guy: FG (or just demon)
  • Bunker Spider: BS
  • Circuit Bees: CB
  • Coil Heads: CH
  • Earth Leviathans: EL
  • Eyeless Dogs: ED
  • Forest Keepers: FK
  • Hoarding Bugs: HB
  • Hygrodere: Slime
  • Jester: Jester (no changes for it)
  • Roaming Locusts: RL
  • Manticoil: Manti
  • Spore Lizard: SL
  • Snare Flea: SF
  • Thumper: Thumper (no changes for it as well)
  • Ghost Girl: GG (Game Ender 9000)
  • Jeb: Jeb